How to get Palworld Ancient Technology Points and what to spend them on

webnexttech | How to get Palworld Ancient Technology Points and what to spend them on

Palworld is taking the world by storm with a reception rivalling that of Pokemon Go when it first burst onto the scene.With everyone and his dog trying it out, we break down one of the key mechanics of the game: Ancient Technology Points.
Selling 6million copies in six days – and that’s just on PC and Xbox, with Palworld being free on Xbox Game Pass to boot – it’s no wonder people are hopping into the game to see what all the fuss is about.
As is always the way when plunging into a brand new title, there’s reams of head-scratching systems and jargon to get your head around, which can be instrumental to your progress; in Palworld’s case, Ancient Technology Points are high up the list.
It’s fairly simple to get Ancient Technology Points in Palworld, in theory, and there are some caveats.
When it comes to what Ancient Technology Points are for, you can use them to buy specific items with the list – at current count – sitting at a grand total of 17 so far.
You’ll definitely want to spend the time and effort collecting them, given that the list of items that can only be unlocked with Ancient Technology Points, like the Egg Incubator (Pokemon with guns, remember), and increasingly powerful variants of the Grappling Gun, which is a must for traversal.
So let’s dive into how to get Palworld Ancient Technology Points and how to use them.
How to get Ancient Technology Points in Palworld You can get Ancient Technology Points in Palworld by defeating bosses, with the caveat that they only give them up on their first defeat.
Take them on again and – in the immortal worlds on one Willy Wonka – you get nothing!
There’s a hierarchy of bosses, which net you different amounts of Ancient Technology Points depending on the category they fall into.
Syndicate Tower bosses are worth five Ancient Technology Points upon defeat, while Alpha Pals are worth one Ancient Technology Point after a thrashing; that includes the Alpha Pals roaming the overworld as well as Dungeon Alpha Pals.
It’s easy to keep tabs on where bosses are and who you’ve crossed off your list of ass-whoopings because they’ll be marked on your map when you get close to them, and a tick will be added to the icon once you’ve defeated them.
All of the bosses will respawn after a while – around an hour of real world time – with some spawns triggered by factors like the time of day.
How to use Ancient Technology Points in Palworld So you’ve gone on a beatdown spree and have Palworld Ancient Technology Points burning a hole in your pocket.
Now what?
Head to the Technology menu, which is split into the standard Technology (blue), and Ancient Technology (purple) on the right.
These items and upgrades are more powerful and rare, and you’re going to need a lot of them if you stand a chance at making any headway in the game.
As it stands, the list of things you can buy with Ancient Technology Points in Palworld totals 17, with a mix of key items and upgrades, which are listed below.
What to spend Palworld Ancient Technology Points on You’ve put in the work and amassed a nice amount of Ancient Technology Points in Palworld, and you’re champing at the bit to throw them into upgrades and useful items.
We’ve got the complete list of everything you can spend Palworld Ancient Technology Points on, so you can start strategising.
Bear in mind, you will need additional materials – like Ancient Civilization Parts – and be at the required level to be able to acquire Ancient Technology in Palworld.
If you’ve been playing on PC, an update has seen some Technology items migrated over to Ancient Technology, which explains why it’s on our list.
Egg Incubator Level 7 10 Paldium Fragment 5 Cloth 30 Stone 2 Ancient Civilisation Parts Small Feed Bag Level 10 5 Wood 10 Fiber 3 Leather Grappling Gun Pal Essence Condenser Level 14 20 Paldium Fragment 20 Ingot 5 Ancient Civilization Parts Mega Grappling Gun Average Feed Bag Hip Lantern Level 22 20 Ingot 10 Wood 10 Flame Organ 10 Ancient Civilization Parts Large Feed Bag Single-shot Sphere Launcher Giga Grappling Gun Huge Feed Bag Scatter Sphere Launcher Lily’s Spear Decal Gun Set Giant Feed Bag Hyper Grappling Gun Homing Sphere Launcher There’s plenty to get stuck into in the Steam smash hit, and by spending your Ancient Technology Points in Palworld strategically, you’ll be able to make a lot more progress, fast.

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