PHP UK Conference 2017 Call for Papers
Open until: October 17th, 2016 6pm GMT

The PHP UK Conference 2017 Call for Papers is now open!

We are looking for talks relating to any non-basic aspect of the PHP programming language, be it mainstream, advanced, niche or non-technical. We are looking for real ‘wow’ talks that are fresh and inspiring about cutting edge topics or new perspectives on common problems. The audience will be from all backgrounds varying in skill level from beginner to intermediate to advanced, so talks varying widely in topic and skill levels are required. Most of all we want speakers who have a deep knowledge about the topics they are proposing and can’t wait to share that knowledge with a whole group of-of eager listeners. Tell us what you’re most passionate about and why we should be passionate about it as well sildenafil generic.

  • Inclusive and anonymous selection process
  • Full speaker package so you can attend the whole conference
  • Over 700 attendees from all over the world

For more information and to submit a paper visit our website

PHP UK Conference will be held on February 16-17, 2017 at the Brewery Conference Centre in London.

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