World Consumer Day: Verisafety To Empower Manufacturers With Anti-counterfeiting Labels

webnexttech | World Consumer Day: Verisafety To Empower Manufacturers With Anti-counterfeiting Labels

In honour of World Consumer Rights Day this Friday, March 15, Verisafety is set to provide free product authentication and anti-counterfeiting labels to 100 manufacturing companies across Nigeria. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative stems from the alarming proliferation of counterfeit products in the market, posing a significant challenge to manufacturers and consumers in Nigeria. World Consumer Rights Day is observed annually on March 15, with this year’s theme focusing on “Fair and Responsible AI for Consumers,” emphasising the importance of the ethical and transparent use of artificial intelligence (AI) in consumer interactions. Verisafety’s anti-counterfeiting labels incorporate state-of-the-art technology, enabling consumers to easily verify the legitimacy of a product using their smartphones. According to the Business Manager of Verisafety, Ms. Chiamaka Onwuama, “Verisafety is on a mission to protect both manufacturers and consumers from falling victim to counterfeit goods. “We are committed to ensuring that consumers have access to genuine products and that manufacturers can protect their brand reputation.” By providing the free anti-counterfeiting labels through their Buy Right CSR Programme, the business manager expressed the firm’s hope to make a meaningful impact in the fight against adulterated goods in Nigeria. While noting that the CSR initiative reflects Verisafety’s dedication to promoting consumer safety and promoting ethical business practices, Onwuawa insisted that by empowering consumers to make informed purchasing decisions, Verisafety is helping to create a safer marketplace for everyone. She, therefore, beckoned on manufacturing companies nationwide who are interested in receiving free anti-counterfeiting labels from Verisafety to visit its website at

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