Why Rangers penalty was given despite Alistair Johnston ball contact as IFAB rules offer 2 point Celtic explainer

webnexttech | Why Rangers penalty was given despite Alistair Johnston ball contact as IFAB rules offer 2 point Celtic explainer

Brendan Rodgers and his Celtic stars were left frustrated after Alistair Johnston was punishing for a foul in the penalty box – despite appearing to win the the ball before making contact with Fabio Silva. However, IFAB rules appear to indicated why referee John Beaton and the VAR team opted to award Rangers a crucial penalty. The Scottish Premiership leaders were in control of the showdown and held a 2-0 lead when the Rangers attacker went down in the box following a challenge from the right-back. Whistler Beaton initially dished out a yellow card to the attacker for simulation – but he was sent to the monitor to review the decision on VAR. That allowed James Tavernier to score and give the home side a foothold in the game as the Old Firm rivals battled out a 3-3 thriller. Replays appear to show the Celtic star flicking the ball before Silva takes a tumble in the box to earn the spot-kick. Despite appear to make contact with the ball first, Johnston is not automatically cleared. Law 12 states that a foul is awarded when a player “tackles an opponent to gain possession of the ball, making contact with the opponent before touching the ball” – meaning, in most circumstances, that if you get the ball first, you’re in the clear. However, Law 12 also talks about fouls that are due to the player being “careless, reckless, or using excessive force.” Under the ruling, “Careless” indicates that the player has not exercised due caution in making his play. “Reckless” means that the player has made unnatural movements designed to intimidate an opponent or to gain unfair advantage. And under IFAB rules “excessive force” means that the player has far exceeded the use of force necessary to make a fair play for the ball and has placed his opponent in considerable danger of bodily harm. It appears that Beaton has punished the Celtic defender for either being careless in his play – having made a last ditch tackle to clear the danger before Silva collapsed. He could have also deemed the contact reckless if he felt the movement of the star to tackle Silva was “unnatural.”

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