Why odd BBC Traitors scenes like Charlotte in bathtub might indicate they go soon

webnexttech | Why odd BBC Traitors scenes like Charlotte in bathtub might indicate they go soon

We’ve seen Charlotte and Andrew take relaxing bubble baths, whilst Diane treated us to her regime of lunges – these are the peculiar filler scenes in BBC’s The Traitors that have left viewers puzzled.But there could be a deeper meaning behind them, as season one finalist Wilf Webster revealed.
The second instalment of the award-winning BBC game show returned at the start of the year, and after many twists and turns, the new series has had fans at the edge of their seats in anticipation of what the cunning Traitors will do next.
In the ultimate reality game of treachery, the Traitors, currently Paul and Harry, must deceitfully decide on their next kill each night, and as they are filmed in the castle turret together, the show cuts to some scenes of the Faithfuls being discussed.
Viewers have witnessed some of them casually reading in what looks to be their private quarters in the Scottish castle, and some other more intimate moments, with players filmed bathing.
But Wilf, who made it to the final in 2022, was never asked to do one, indicating that only those who leave the show earlier on get the chance to have some shots made.
When asked by Mirror video journalist Sam Teesdale about whether he had the choice on what to do for the scenes, he said: “I didn’t do one.
I don’t know when they do them, maybe when they’ve been murdered or banished?
I don’t know.
“But I didn’t actually film a cut-shot.
I don’t remember being asked to or being pulled out to do it.” Laughing, Wilf added: “They did definitely have them in season one, they had Amos in the shower.” Hinting at a massive spoiler, he speculated: “I’m not sure if when you get banished, they ask you to do a video for whatever.
But I don’t actually remember filming one.” It looks like the players are enjoying their downtime in the castle, which is in fact Ardross Castle, located just north of Inverness in the Scottish Highlands, for the scenes.
However, the cast don’t actually get to spend the night there and sleep elsewhere.
When the sound of the gongs goes at the end of the day, participants are seen getting into Land Rovers, with many left wondering where they go.
Well it turns out that players stay at a hotel next to the runway at Inverness Airport.
Alan, who hosts the US version that is filmed in the same Scottish Highlands, revealed to the Daily Beast that players do not get to rest their heads within the walls of the castle.
“Spoiler alert: None of us stayed in the castle,” he explained.
“None of us.
[The contestants] all stayed in the airport hotel in the Inverness airport.
How glamorous – you come to Scotland, and you stay in the Inverness airport hotel.” Fans of the show were gobsmacked by the revelation and took to site X (formerly Twitter) to share their reactions.
“Omg, I always imagined they all stayed in individual little cottages on the castle estate somewhere – this is way less romantic than I thought,” one person said.
Last year’s contestant Maddy Smedley also revealed the contestants don’t live in the castle, but travel around 30 minutes to their hotel accommodation.
She said they are given “a different driver each night” to drive them there and back.

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