Urban explorer vows never to return to abandoned ‘Stranger Things’ hospital for scary reason

webnexttech | Urban explorer vows never to return to abandoned 'Stranger Things' hospital for scary reason

An urban explorer who stumbled upon a hospital eerily similar to one in Stranger Things has vowed to never return – as he says it’s “easily the scariest place” he has ever explored. Dusty Reichert, 19, entered the creepy run-down building – which he believes has been abandoned for 16 years – and found it full of old patient records and beds. He filmed his adventure inside the forgotten hospital, where he came across biohazard notices and containers, a television set that continuously turned on and off by itself, and old laundry baskets heaped with clothes. Dusty’s video of the derelict hospital, located in Minnesota, US, quickly went gone viral on TikTok, garnering 3.3 million views. Users rushed to the comments to speak of the building eerie similarity to the hospital seen in Netflix’s Stranger Things. In the Series, the Stranger Things children – including protagonist Eleven, played by Millie Bobbie Brown, are chased by Demogorgans – tall, faceless monstors that feast on human flesh. Speaking to What’s The Jam, Dusty, from Minnestota, said: “This abandoned hospital is easily the scariest place I’ve ever explored due to all of the encounters we had.” The explorer continued: “I found it after stumbling across an old news article talking about its closure. The vibe in the building was unsettling. I would never go back.” In the video, Dusty puts on a gown and mask before finding a room with a biohazard sign. He opens the door and discovers the room filled with biohazard containers, old clothes in laundry baskets and red buckets. In another room, he walks in and finds the creepy television flickering on and off. He then enters another storage room and find stacks of used bibles, old flowers and more clothes. In another empty room, he spots a singular assisted bathtub, as well as an old wheelchair, pay phone, and stacks of patient files and records. The post garnered 196,000 likes and hundreds of comments. One user, named Gab, said: “I will never understand how biohazards and patient information is just left behind without it being destroyed or contained.” another commenter, Laura, likened it to the horror movie, The Ring, saying: “That TV is giving ring vibes.” Joe commented: “Stranger Things vibes.”, while TikTok user Em wondered: “Why is there so many abandoned places everywhere?” Mando commented: “TVs that do that have been exposed to radiation..” One follower said “Bro got no fears”, while another added: “And then it has a sprint button.” Carrisa said: “Your brave I wouldn’t even enter”. Dusty believes the hospital was shut down to be renovated into a college dorm, and says it has since been demolished, renovated and re-opened – but the explorer is adamant that he won’t be returning any time soon.

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