Two Aussie influencers thought it was okay to film a sports star at a urinal. The internet disagreed

webnexttech | Two Aussie influencers thought it was okay to film a sports star at a urinal. The internet disagreed

Two Australian TikTok creators have apologised after filming English Formula One driver George Russell using a urinal at the Australian Grand Prix and posting it to their 476,000 followers. Twin brothers Archie and Miles Shepherd, who are known online Shepmates, are known for lip-synching to videos of sports commentary on social media. In the now-deleted video, one of the brothers says: “I just took a p— next to George Russell. I know what you’re thinking, how big is it? “That stays between me and George. There’s confidentiality in the men’s urinal. “What I can say is he looks really relaxed, confident stream. We were there for a while so he’s obviously really hydrated and prepared for the race. He really opened the floodgates.” Shepmates, who attended the race on the weekend on behalf of race sponsor Paramount Plus, have been criticised by commentators and fans who called their actions a “huge invasion of privacy”. Radio host and sports broadcaster Shane McInnes wrote on X: “The behaviour of @shepmates recording Mercedes driver George Russell at a urinal at the #AusGP, posting it on Tik Tok and then boasting about it is disgusting and reprehensible.” “Will they apologise? Even if they do, credentials for future races should be denied.” One fan on X called it 'horribly disgusting,' adding: “Some will do anything for the views.” After deleting the video, the influencers released a statement on their Instagram story, admitting they had gone too far for their content. “Our aim is to celebrate sporting heroes and commentators whilst bringing some light hearted fun to sports fans,” they posted. “On this occasion our content has unintentionally offended our audience and sporting fans from around the globe and is unacceptable.” “We acknowledge our absolute lapse of judgement and apologise wholeheartedly. We have reached out to George personally to apologise.” But some fans online are calling for harsher measures and want the pair banned from all FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile) events. The Mercedes driver was in a major crash on the final lap when Fernando Alonso, the driver he was chasing for sixth place, jumped on the brakes. Alonso was investigated and penalised for the incident that left Russell in the middle of the track on two wheels facing oncoming drivers. Neither Russell nor Mercedes have commented on the urinal controversy.

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