‘Too little too late’: Sadhguru on CAA at India Today Conclave 2024

webnexttech | ‘Too little too late’: Sadhguru on CAA at India Today Conclave 2024

Spiritual leader Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev speaking at India Today Conclave 2024 welcomed the implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Act CAA but added that the it was quotcoming too latequotA vocal proponent of the controversial piece of legislation when it was introduced four years ago Sadhguru panned the delay in enacting CAA describing it as quottoo little compassion coming too latequotldquoWhen we left people on the other side of the border post Partition there was hope that they will be well taken care of There was also a promise in the political space that if there are problems we will take you back But over 75 years they have faced the worst of the worst Many of them moved here 30-40 years ago but are still refugees in this country Are we not ashamedquot the Isha Foundation founder saidFull coverage of Conclave 2024Asked for his opinion on criticism of the CAA on the grounds that it is discriminatory against certain religions Sadhguru pointed out that by law there was no religious discrimination in India whereas discriminating against minorities is sanctioned by law in a few neighbouring countriesquotWhen there are countries that are theocratic theocracy means by law discrimination There are blasphemy laws if you say a word you can be hangedquot he said adding that there should be no cut-off date in granting citizenship to refugeesThe Centre on March 11 notified rules for the Citizenship Amendment Act four years after it was cleared by Parliament The law aims to provide citizenship to undocumented non-Muslim migrants from Pakistan Bangladesh and Afghanistan who came to India before December 31 2014Sadhguru categorically stated that there was no polarisation in India and denied that the atmosphere was quotvitiatedquotPublished By Devika BhattacharyaPublished On Mar 16 2024Must Watch

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