The one thing everyone has in their kitchen that helped gran lose seven stone

webnexttech | The one thing everyone has in their kitchen that helped gran lose seven stone

A Tameside woman who lost SEVEN STONE in an amazing transformation has revealed the secret behind her weight loss success. Denise Batt, from Denton, tipped the scales at 19 stone when she decided to make major changes in her life due to health reasons. The 72-year-old was awaiting a knee operation when her consultant told her she needed to lose weight ahead of the procedure. Join our WhatsApp Top Stories and Breaking News group by clicking this link Denise, who is retired, had been self-conscious about her weight for as long as she could remember, her size leaving her too embarrassed to leave the house. With her health being her motivator, that’s when she decided to sign up to Slimming World in February 2019 and watched as the weight dropped off. By Christmas Eve 2023, Denise had achieved her target weight loss of seven stone, now weighing in at 11st 9.5lbs. “I wouldn’t go out as I was feeling embarrassed to go anywhere as I was conscious of my size,” Denise said. Denise’s healthy eating has meant she has also been able to stop taking heartburn medication, a condition she suffered from for many years. And she managed to incorporate exercise into her lifestyle without even leaving the house – by doing cycling movements in bed and arm lifts with tins of beans. “I’m really enjoying the freedom of food optimising with so many different recipes and meal ideas to choose from,” she added. “My favourite meals are diet cola chicken and a chicken roast dinner. Prior to Slimming World, there wouldn’t have been vegetables in sight, just lots of biscuits and chocolate. “Now I enjoy a great start to the day with breakfast now consisting of fruit and yoghurt.” Denise recently won the ‘Greatest Loser 2024’ title at her group having continued to attend weekly meetings throughout the pandemic. “Slimming World is not like a diet,” she said. “It’s all about learning to eat healthy and follow the plan. I didn’t feel deprived and If I wanted a treat, I would use my daily syns. “My biggest fear of joining the group was failure, I’ve tried so many times before and just gave up. The group and Sarah have supported me through my journey giving me lots of strategies, recipes and motivation.” Sarah Fleming, Denise’s Slimming World consultant in Dane Bank, Denton, added: “I’m so unbelievably proud of Denise, she has shown many people that no matter your age you can absolutely achieve your dream. “I have loved watching this lady grow in confidence and the inspiration she gives to members every Monday in our 9.30am session is remarkable. “I remember Denise joining my group and she was really struggling to walk. She advised me she was waiting on a knee operation and had been told by her consultant that she needed to lose weight. “Denise wanted to be more active straight away and I remember her saying to the group that she had started to lay flat on her bed and do cycling movements and also do arm lifts with tins of beans. Denise successfully had the operation and is waiting for her other knee to be operated on.”

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