Suge Knight Claims Diddy’s ‘Life’s in Danger,’ Urges Diddy to Turn Himself In

webnexttech | Suge Knight Claims Diddy’s ‘Life’s in Danger,’ Urges Diddy to Turn Himself In

Jailed music mogul Suge Knight is warning Sean “Diddy” Combs that his life is in danger and he should turn himself in to the police as accusations against him continue to mount. TMZ reports that Death Row Records founder Marion Hugh “Suge” Knight Jr — who is currently in jail for involuntary manslaughter — made his comments during a recording of the podcast Collect Call in which he warned Diddy that he has a target on his back because he knows too much. Knight said he prays for Diddy’s “kids,” but also blasted the mogul for giving hip hop a bad image. “I’ll tell you what, Puffy: your life is in danger ‘cause you know the secrets, who’s involved in that little secret room you guys are participating in,” the 58-year-old Knight said. He added, “they gonna get you if they can.” Knight noted that he turned himself in to face his charges, and he thinks Diddy should do the same. “Sometimes you got to face the music. That’s most of the time,” Knight said. Knight also insisted that Diddy would face serious trouble if he ends up in prison. “You gotta make a decision, when you go to prison. You gonna be standing up pissing or squatting, sitting down pissing,” Knight said before warning Diddy not to use his nickname, “Brother Love,” in prison. “Do not do your time going by Brother Love. Brother Love is not a good code name for prison,” Knight said wrapping up his recording. Follow Warner Todd Huston on Facebook at:, or Truth Social @WarnerToddHuston

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