Stormy Daniels she was ‘insecure’ during night with Trump – biggest claims from day 2 of testimony

webnexttech | Stormy Daniels she was 'insecure' during night with Trump - biggest claims from day 2 of testimony

Porn actress Stormy Daniel’s second day of testimony in Donald Trump’s New York hush-money payment criminal trial brought jarring claims as well as some almost-comical disclosures. Daniels took the stand Thursday to give testimony as to whether she and former president had an affair during his 2016 bid for the White House. As a result of an aggressive cross-examination wrought by the former president’s defense team, the adult film star offered a detailed account of her sexual encounter with Trump—she also detailed some of Trump’s shortcomings along the way. Here are the key takeaways from Stormy Daniel’s second day on the stand in Donald Trump’s hush-money payment criminal trial. READ MORE: Donald Trump’s hush money criminal trial timeline as court enters fourth week READ MORE: Donald Trump’s hush money trial terms explained — from catch and kill to gag order She said no one would admit to sex with Trump As Trump lawyer Susan Necheles argued that Daniels was merely extorting the former president for his wealth, the adult film star assured the jury that claim was false. The defense cited her statements in 2018, where Daniels denied that she had slept with the President. She claims that she initially declined to confirm the story when it was first reported by the Wall Street Journal six years ago to comply with a non-disclosure agreement. The defense, however, alleged that the actress is making up the story to help her career, and asked Daniels why she would decline having slept with him at first. Doubling down on her earlier testimony, she curtly said that merely admitting to having sex with Trump is an embarrassment in itself. “Nobody would ever want to” admit to the public that they slept with Trump, she said. Stormy Daniels likened sex with Trump to her adult films Necheles pointed to Daniels’ career as a porn actress to sully her credibility on the stand. Trump’s lawyer said the crux of her work involves making fake scenes appear real, which she subsequently accused her of doing as she gave her testimony to the jury. “You have a lot of experience of making phony stories about sex appear to be real,” Necheles argued. For all the latest on news, politics, sports, and showbiz from the USA, go to The Mirror US. Daniels quickly refuted Necheles’ accusation saying the intercourse seen in her movies is very real despite the obvious improvised acting that precedes it. “Wow. That’s not how I would put it. The sex in the films is very much real, just like what happened to me in that room,” Daniels said. The defense continued to press Daniels’ expertise in falsifying sexual encounters for the entertainment of an audience to which the porn star replied “If that story was untrue, I would’ve written it to be a lot better.” Stormy felt feint when she was in room with Trump that night The adult film star recalled feeling feint and overpowered on the night in question while she says she was in Trump’s room, attributing the feelings to her own insecurities. “My own insecurities made me feel that way,” she said. Daniels added there was a clear “imbalance of power” within that hotel room. This section of questioning was rather lengthy Thursday despite presiding Judge Juan Merchan’s warning against lingering on the alleged intercourse during questioning. Daniels’ claims coincide with other reports claiming Trump threatened to retaliate against her if she chose to disclose their claimed affair, which has been denied by the former president Stormy admits to being ignorant of the charges Trump faces During the final moments of Necheles’ cross-examination, she gets Daniels to admit to being ignorant of the charges brought against the former president. “I’m just here to answer the question asked to me,” she said. The porn actress also said she knows nothing about Trump’s business records. The charges against Trump can be confusing. What he may-or-may not have done with Daniels is accusing of doing is totally legal. The reported encounter was consensual and there is no law against paying off your mistress. However, the former President is accused of falsifying business records to account for the $130,000 his lawyer, Michael Cohen, paid to Daniels to keep her quiet ahead of the 2016 election, and then Trump reimbursed.

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