Store employee holds fussy toddler during checkout to help ease major meltdown, mom sings her praises

webnexttech | Store employee holds fussy toddler during checkout to help ease major meltdown, mom sings her praises

Not all heroes wear capes.A grocery store employee was caught in an act of kindness, as she helped a mom in need after the mom’s toddler had a major meltdown in the checkout line.
Mary-Ann Byrnes was shopping at a Dollar Tree in Cedar Grove, New Jersey, when she experienced a sweet moment and shared her story with SWNS.
84-YEAR-OLD MCDONALD’S EMPLOYEE RETIRED AFTER 45 YEARS: ‘WELL-DESERVED BREAK’ “My daughter is of that toddler age where she gets restless, and she wants to be picked up all the time,” Byrnes said of her two-year-old.
Byrnes said she was checking out when her daughter started to cry and have a meltdown — making it hard for her to manage everything.
She added, “I was trying to pay … and not keep people waiting behind me,” to SWNS.
TEXAS DOCTOR GOES VIRAL ON TIKTOK FOR SKATING THROUGH THE HOSPITAL HALLS TO CELEBRATE HIS RETIREMENT The freelance production worker said she began to relax, however, when worker Fatimah Leftwich asked if she could hold her toddler as she scanned the items.
“She asked if it was cool for her to pick my daughter up and then helped her scan all of my items — and even some of the people’s items behind me,” she said.
Leftwich proceeded to hold Byrnes’ two-year-old while she scanned each item for check out.
The activity seemed to help the toddler calm down.
CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR LIFESTYLE NEWSLETTER Byrnes said it was amazing to see “a woman who had the ability to calm my daughter down with such a wonderful, trusting energy.” Byrnes captured the moment on camera and posted it to TikTok, where it has over 260,000 views.
In the video, Leftwich can be seen showing the toddler how to scan items through the checkout process, even telling the toddler that she’s a “fast learner.” CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP Byrnes noted in the TikTok video that the Dollar Tree location is closing — but that Leftwich hopes to be transferred to another location.
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