Stephen King Sends Message to Lauren Boebert

webnexttech | Stephen King Sends Message to Lauren Boebert

Blockbuster author Stephen King often posts about politics online—and now he’s called Representative Lauren Boebert a “swamp.”Boebert, a Republican, was first elected to represent Colorado’s 3rd congressional district in 2020.In December 2023, Boebert announced she intended to relocate from Colorado’s third congressional district to the fourth in the upcoming 2024 elections.
She has represented the third district since 2021, but in 2022, she won her second term by just 546 votes over Democratic challenger Adam Frisch.Now she’s claiming that she came to Congress to “cut spending” so America “isn’t completely bogged down in debt.” However, this is in contrast to her own spending, as Boebert’s campaign spent almost $2 million in 2023 as she fought to keep a seat ahead of the next election in the House of Representatives.King has criticized the Colorado Republican after she posted to X, formerly Twitter, saying she is “here to rein in the swamp.”Newsweek reached out to spokespersons for King and Boebert for comment via email Friday.”I did NOT come to Congress just to continue Nancy Pelosi’s bloated spending levels,” Boebert wrote on X.
“I’m here to rein in the Swamp and cut spending so we can have a future for America that isn’t completely bogged down in debt.
I am a NO on today’s upcoming Continuing Resolution – time to actually govern like conservatives!”This post was referring to a Thursday House of Representatives vote to advance a short-term funding extension intended to help avoid a government shutdown.
Boebert was one of the 106 House Republicans who voted against the stopgap bill.King clearly wasn’t happy with her decision, as he retweeted her post and added: “You ARE the swamp.”People took to the replies to slam Boebert while also agreeing with the horror author.”True story, if Trump said he wanted to spend a quintillion dollars tomorrow, Lauren Boebert would be first in line to pass that budget,” one social media user replied.”Could you have ever possibly have imagined more of a horror story than what is happening now !
?” someone else asked.”One of the only times I agree with you,” another person wrote.King’s tweets often prove to be divisive and people also took the opportunity to criticize him in the replies.”No!
It is you who is the hypocritical Swamp King,” someone commented.”The swamp is the unelected bureaucracy.
Good try though,” said another.A third X user added: “Smooth burn.
Did you steal that from an 8 year old?”While King’s post resulted in a debate in the comments, the majority of people who responded to Boebert’s tweet used the opportunity to criticize the U.S. representative.
Many have taken issue with the fact that she switched districts.”YOU NEVER POST TWEETS ABOUT HELPING CONSTITUENTS!
You are so addicted to DC politics and tweeting b*******, that you get NOTHING done!
Folks, give Democrat @trisha4colorado a follow & repost and let’s defeat Boebert in CO4,” one person said.”No you came because you’re power hungry.
That’s why you switched district’s as well,” wrote another.”First of all Nancy Pelosi is no longer in Congress.
Let’s assume you actually know that.
What Colorado district are you ‘fighting for’ here Boebert?
Is it the district you’ve abandoned or the one you’re moving to?” someone else asked.Not everyone was critical of her, however, with one person writing: “Thanks for standing for Constitutional government.”A second person added: “Lauren was chosen to be in congress she is the best mother in the congress today.”In a video posted on social media in December, Boebert said switching districts was “the right decision” for a variety of reasons.”It is the right decision for me personally, and it is the right decision for those who support our conservative movement.
This is the right decision for Colorado, for us,” Boebert said in the video.
“I will not allow dark money that is directed at destroying me personally to steal this seat.
It’s not fair to the 3rd District and the conservatives there who have fought so hard for our victories…The Aspen donors, George Soros, and Hollywood actors that are trying to buy this seat, well they can go pound sand.”According to the latest filing by the Federal Election Commission (FEC), Lauren Boebert for Congress, a principal campaign committee, spent $1,772,343.81 from January 1, 2023, to September 30, 2023.
An examination of FEC filing data found that Boebert’s campaign spent $288,357.10 on various fundraising activities between January and September 2023.In comparison, Anna Stout, who is running in the Democratic primary to be the party’s Colorado’s third Congressional district candidate, spent $60,052.82 in the same period.

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