Portadown woman, who pleaded guilty to possession of extreme pornography including with animals, claimed it was a party game to find the worst images

webnexttech | Portadown woman, who pleaded guilty to possession of extreme pornography including with animals, claimed it was a party game to find the worst images

Sabrina Thompson, aged 40, from Tandragee Road, appeared before Craigavon Magistrates Court accused of three counts of possessing an extreme pornographic image. – – Thompson’s barrister Mr David McKeown said a pre-sentence report was not available to his solicitor on the online case tracking system. He suggested adjourning the case to Friday’s court as Thompson was appearing on other charges which she is contesting. District Judge Francis Rafferty said Mr McKeown didn’t really need it. He said Thompson is ‘blacklisted’ from hostel accommodation. “She is not suited to statutory supervision due to her repeated failures to attend Probation appointments. That’s the gist of it,” he said. A prosecutor told the court that on May 8, 2022 police conducted a search at an address on Tandragee Road in relation, at that time, to suspected drugs offences. During the search a mobile phone was seized from the defendant. It was examined in relation to the other suspected offences. On March 23 police were told that, during examination, 105 extreme pornographic images were found on this device. “The content of these images includes penetration of or by animals,” said the prosecutor who said the defendant failed to attend an interview after being given multiple opportunities and hasn’t given an account for the images. District Judge Rafferty said he noted from the last occasion that if this defendant didn’t engage with the Probation Service there was only one option. Mr McKeown said Thompson has “not had her troubles to seek in recent times”. He said she had accommodation issues including being made homeless, she also suffers from mental health issues and has problems in her family life. “It’s very sorrowful. She had the opportunity and she should have taken it. “The incident itself, what actually occurred was there had been a group of people socialising. These kind of things came up in conversation and they were daring each other to see who could get the worse of these images. They were sharing them with the small group who were sitting there and nowhere else. “They were found on her phone when it was searched for other reasons. Very, very foolish behaviour but she accepts that. She has had troubles in the past and my concern is a custodial sentence will perpetuate the cycle for her. The woman needs help but needs to take it herself.” District Judge Rafferty said that was the problem, that she had been offered help from multiple agencies. He pointed out she has been blacklisted from hostel accommodation because ‘of her negative behaviour’ and ‘reports of unwillingness to engage with community support including mental health and addiction services. She misses a series of appointments with various services which leads to her being discharged. The district judge said: “You can lead a horse to water. There is no point in wasting Probation’s time.” He asked what the maximum sentence for this was in the magistrates court and was told six months in prison. He said he would impose a four-month jail term on each count, suspended for two years. A destruction order was made for the phone.

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