NYC secures $106M in federal funding for reimbursement of migrant costs after months of delays

webnexttech | NYC secures $106M in federal funding for reimbursement of migrant costs after months of delays

The federal government will reimburse New York City $106 million to help the city’s continued response to the migrant crisis, Sen. Chuck Schumer. D-N.Y., announced on X on Thursday. “NYC will receive a fresh $106M from feds to reimbursement for migrant costs,” Schumer wrote. Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services Anne Williams-Isom said in a news conference that the $106 million is a delayed portion of a larger $150 million aid package promised last summer. “We appreciate the productive collaboration of our federal partners, and we’ll continue to work closely with them so money can be released,” Williams-Isom said. “We will continue to advocate for significantly more support, as well as for comprehensive immigration reform.” NEW YORKERS RAIL ON LOSING BATTLE AGAINST CRIME AFTER GOV. HOCHUL DISPATCHES NATIONAL GUARD Schumer also took a swipe at Republicans while announcing the funds, calling for them to stop blocking the “strong, bipartisan border bill.” “Now Republicans must stop blocking the strong, bipartisan border bill, which can deliver more,” he wrote. DEM-RUN CITY EXPANDS ASYLUM ASSISTANCE TO MIGRANTS AMID STINGING BUDGET CUTS DUE TO RAGING CRISIS According to Mayor Eric Adams, the Big Apple has spent $1.45 billion on assisting migrants in the 2023 fiscal year. New York City has rented out entire hotels to house some of the tens of thousands of migrants who arrived last. Other migrant housing arrangements have included cots in schools and temporary placements in tents, a cruise ship terminal and a former police academy building. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP Over 140,000 migrants have arrived in NYC since last year, which has overwhelmed the sanctuary city’s social services, prompting officials to demand more help from the federal government. Fox News Digital has reached out to Sen. Schumer’s office for comment.

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