North Yorkshire slowest in fire service response times

webnexttech | North Yorkshire slowest in fire service response times

But bosses in North Yorkshire said the service’s response times were down to being in England’s largest county – but with the same number of stations as other predominantly rural but smaller counties. Figures taken from Home Office data ranked the total firefighter response times in each area of England for the three months to the end of September, 2023. The calculations from government figures took the average of call handling times, crew turnout times and drive times for all types of fires to determine the final response time and the ranking. READ NEXT: ‘They’ve found a very special place here’ – award for community arts group Father and son combine to launch ‘York’s newest café-bar’ Lockdown at York school after ‘intruders’ enter grounds Tyne and Wear topped the list with the quickest firefighter response time in the UK at six minutes 53 seconds. The North Yorkshire service had an average response time of 12 minutes 37 seconds – putting it in last place. ‘Incidents in the more rural areas significantly impact our average response times’ North Yorkshire is England’s largest county with an administrative ‘footprint’ of 3,103 square miles – while Tyne and Wear’s is 208 square miles. Damian Henderson, director of service improvement and assurance for the North Yorkshire service, said: “Response times are affected by things such as traffic and how close an incident is to the fire station. “We cover one of the largest geographical areas of the ‘predominately rural fire and rescue services’ and have a similar number of fire stations as the other predominately rural services who cover much smaller areas. “This means incidents in the more rural areas significantly impact our average response times due to the time taken to reach them by their nearest fire station. Many of our stations are crewed by on-call firefighters who respond to the fire station from their work or home to attend incidents. “I would like to offer reassurance that we always attend incidents as quickly as possible and we are within three seconds of the average response time for predominantly rural fire services to dwelling fires. “As part of our response principles we look at primary fires we attend where the average response times are above the average for predominantly rural services. This allows us to make proposals for improvement, where we can. “We are also focusing extra prevention work in the more rural areas.” The Press approached the North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner’s Office for comment. The full ranking of fire and rescue service total average response time in the three months to the end of September 2023, from Home Office data, is: Tyne and Wear – 6 mins 53 seconds London Fire Brigade – 7 mins 01 seconds West Midlands – 7 mins 19 seconds Greater Manchester – 7 mins 44 seconds Merseyside – 7 mins 59 seconds Cleveland Fire Brigade – 8 mins 02 seconds Lancashire – 8 mins 27 seconds Royal Berkshire – 8 mins 40 seconds South Yorkshire – 8 mins 50 seconds Hertfordshire – 8 mins 55 seconds West Yorkshire – 9 mins 05 seconds County Durham and Darlington – 9 mins 10 seconds East Sussex – 9 mins 19 seconds Humberside – 9 mins 27 seconds West Sussex – 9 mins 32 seconds Cheshire – 9 mins 43 seconds Avon – 9 mins 49 seconds Hampshire and Isle of Wight – 10 mins 06 seconds Buckinghamshire – 10 mins 12 seconds Leicestershire – 10 mins 14 seconds Surrey – 10 mins 15 seconds Nottinghamshire – 10 mins 24 seconds Northamptonshire – 10 mins 24 seconds Bedfordshire – 10 mins 40 seconds Essex County – 10 mins 44 seconds Derbyshire – 10 mins 44 seconds Devon and Somerset – 10 mins 44 seconds Dorset and Wiltshire – 10 mins 47 seconds Warwickshire – 10 mins 48 seconds Cambridgeshire – 10 mins 51 seconds Shropshire – 11 mins 00 seconds Kent – 11 mins 01 seconds Norfolk – 11 mins 02 seconds Gloucestershire – 11 mins 04 seconds Oxfordshire – 11 mins 14 seconds Cumbria – 11 mins 18 seconds Lincolnshire – 11 mins 24 seconds Staffordshire – 11 mins 28 seconds Suffolk – 12 mins 02 seconds Northumberland – 12 mins 10 seconds Hereford and Worcester – 12 mins 19 seconds Cornwall – 12 mins 28 seconds North Yorkshire – 12 mins 37 seconds

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