Michael Rapaport: ‘I Won’t Vote for Biden. At This Point, Voting Trump Is on the Table’

webnexttech | Michael Rapaport: ‘I Won’t Vote for Biden. At This Point, Voting Trump Is on the Table’

Actor Michael Rapaport said he won’t vote for President Joe Biden in November, explaining he “won’t support anyone anti-Israel or anti-making America safe.” He added that voting for former President Donald Trump — who has consistently been pro-Israel — “is on the table.” Michael Rapaport discussed the upcoming presidential election in an interview this week with the outlet Visegrád 24. “I won’t vote for Biden. At this point voting Trump is on the table (…) I won’t support anyone anti-Israel or anti making USA safe,” Visegrad24 spoke with @MichaelRapaport about his how his political views have changed since Oct. 7th. Link to full interview in the comments ⬇️ pic.twitter.com/FAxhxOJleq — Visegrád 24 (@visegrad24) March 29, 2024 The actor said, “I will not support anyone who is anti-Israel. I will not support anyone that is anti-making America safe.” Rapaport ripped the Biden administration’s open border policies that have allowed an unprecedented 8 million illegal aliens to flood the country, overwhelming state and city governments to the point where they are cutting back services like policing and public education. “I gotta show my ID at least three or four times at the airport,” he said. “But it takes you two minutes to cross the border. I’m not down with that shit.” Rapaport also blasted the lawlessness that has overtaken cities like his native New York, where illegals are coddled by left-wing politicians while rank-and-file police officers are left hanging out to dry. The actor also said he is fed up with the identity politics that the left uses to control and manipulate its base. “I’m not getting caught up or suckered into these race politics,” he said. As Breitbart News reported, Michael Rapaport has blasted the left’s push for a “ceasefire” in Gaza. Such a “ceasefire” would allow Hamas to re-arm and replenish its resources before it resumes its stated goal of wiping Israel off the face of the map.

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