International Women’s Day Celebrated with Music and Poetry by Athens’ Renowned ‘Parnasos’ Society

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ATHENS – It was described as ‘a dreamy evening” by those who attended the packed auditorium of the Philological Society ‘Parnassos’. On March 8 they attended its special event on the occasion of International Woman’s Day. The music-poetry performance was titled ‘The Wife of Yesterday and Today’ and featured performances by composer and accordionist Zoi Teganouria and singer Elektra. The evening opened with a greeting by the director of international relations of F.S. ‘Parnassos’ and lawyer at the Supreme Court of Greece Stamatis Georgoulis. He then passed the baton to Tiganouria and her colleagues to begin the first part of the performance with the well-known song of Nikos Gounaris and Costas Manesis ‘We all live for Women’. The audience welcomed the first public presentation of the new song ‘My evening is leaning’ (H Nyxta mou gernei) composed by Tiganouria with lyrics by the associate professor of Surgery of the Democritus University of Alexandroupolis Kostantinos Romanidis with Nagia Agorastou singing (who is also a student at the School of Judicial Officers) and the accompaniment of the string ensemble Enchord. The guests were moved by the awarding of the medal of honor of F.S. ‘Parnassos’ to Tiganouria for her contribution to Culture and to the honorary leader of EL.AS and Member of Parliament for Eros Anastasios Dimocks, in addition to other awards. Judge Sophia Lygnou was also among those honored. A pleasant surprise at the event was the spontaneous presentation of the traditional dance of the Thracian women from the audience in “Vasilikouda’m to the rhythms of Zoe’s accordion and the daouli of Stelios Generalis, filling the space with a festive atmosphere that projected the “the dynamic female Thracian soul” as Tiganouria said. Poetry was presented by Lygnou and Dimitris Orfanidis, the founding members of K.E.L.D. (Circle of Greek Literary Judges), who received enthusiastic applause for their poems about women. Stamatis Georgoulis also recited his own impressive acrostic poem dedicated to ‘Life-Woman’. There were also touching interpretations by the children’s choir Anima Libre of the 2nd Primary School of Kallithea ‘Elli Alexiou’, conducted by Giorgos Smanis, of poems set to music by Mikis Theodorakis, Romanidis, and Tiganouria. The accordion virtuosity of Tiganourias and the string ensemble consisting of leading female musicians of the DA Symphony, the ERT Symphony, and the Greek Nation Orchestra were enthusiastically applauded by the audience. After the first part of the program, singer Elektra took over, captivating the audience with her interpretations of songs performed by great ladies of Greek song, together with the excellent choir TREVENTI and the vocal ensemble Technotropia under the direction of conductor Angelos Velegrakis (also on piano), Stavros Parginos on cello, and Alexandros Dafnomilis on piano. The musicians included: Cello – Stavros Parginos, Violin – Vasilis Katsoulis, Brunilda Eugenia Malo, Kiti Vardami, Cello – Mirela Routsi, the vocal ensemble Technotropia under the direction of conductor Angelos Velegrakis, and The Children’s Choir Anima Libre under the direction of choir director Giorgos Smanis, as well as The Women’s String Ensemble Enchord. Δείτε αυτή τη δημοσίευση στο Instagram. Sound/Lights: Yannis Patrikios, Vangelis Xithalis; Organization-Coordination: Elli Ioakeimoglou; Photos: Dimitrios Karvountzis; Production: DAMON Music-Urban Non-Profit Society.

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