Harsh Goenka shares video of new ‘palm payment’ method in China: ‘Tech continues to simplify our lives’

webnexttech | Harsh Goenka shares video of new ‘palm payment’ method in China: ‘Tech continues to simplify our lives’

Harsh Goenka, the chairman of RPG Group, is known for sharing inspirational and innovative videos on social media. On Tuesday, he took to X and shared a clip on how China’s new ‘palm payment’ method is simplifying lives. The now-viral video shows a woman sharing her experience of using the technology on the Beijing subway. The woman is heard saying, “Living in China, I’m used to cashless payments using QR codes and even facial recognition technology, and now I can even pay with my bare hands.” “On May 21, Chinese tech giant Tencent officially released its WeChat palm payment feature. I’m going to try out on this subway ride at Daxing Airport Express Line,” she adds. The woman then goes on to explain how the ‘palm payment’ technology works, registering her palm print on a designated device and linking it to her payment information. She further holds her palm over the scanner at the turnstile with a green ring, which processes an automatic payment through her WeChat account. “The whole palm payment experience was smooth. Even though palm payment is mostly limited for transportation for the time being, in future it could be adopted by stores, restaurants and many other venues,” the woman shares her experience. Sharing the video, Harsh Goenka wrote, “Technology continues to simplify our lives….” Watch the viral video here: The video has garnered over 27,000 views, triggering a series of reactions by social media users. “This is brilliant Sir however the exchange of data would be risky,” a user argued. “Where do we hide palms where we are sleeping? Can someone bring in a mobile reader and happily swipe all the palms possible?” another user commented. “Tech touches hearts, eases heavy souls, one byte at a time,” the third user wrote. Last year, Amazon rolled out Amazon One Enterprise, a version of its palm-reading biometric system designed for corporate offices.

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