Frontier Corps North facilitates educational tour for Bajaur students – The Frontier Post

webnexttech | Frontier Corps North facilitates educational tour for Bajaur students – The Frontier Post

F.P. Report Bajaur: Under the “Education for All” initiative, Frontier Corps North continues to empower tribal students with enriching experiences. Recently, a group of 30 students from various schools and colleges in Bajaur district embarked on a four-day educational tour across prominent cities in Pakistan. The tour aimed to broaden the students’ horizons by acquainting them with historical landmarks and educational institutions. Commencing in Islamabad, the students visited iconic sites such as the Pakistan Monument and Faisal Mosque. In Rawalpindi, they explored the Army Museum, delving into the nation’s military history. Continuing their journey, the students ventured to Lahore, where they immersed themselves in the cultural heritage of Pakistan. They visited renowned landmarks including Minar Pakistan, Badshahi Masjid, Allama Iqbal Residency and Wahga border. Additionally, they had the privilege of exploring educational institutions like the Army Institute of Military History and NUST. The tour concluded with a visit to the historic Fort Balahisar in Peshawar, offering the students a glimpse into the region’s rich past. Throughout the excursion, students received informative briefings, expanding their knowledge and appreciation for their country’s heritage. Expressing gratitude, the students extended heartfelt thanks to the senior officials of Frontier Corps North for organizing such a transformative experience. They emphasized the importance of continuing such initiatives to provide tribal students with exposure and learning opportunities.

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