Fife brute batters victim with shovel in Halloween house party horror

webnexttech | Fife brute batters victim with shovel in Halloween house party horror

A man’s life was put in danger when a brute waded into a fight at a Fife Halloween party and struck him on the head with a shovel. Sean Campbell was on bail when he carried out the terrifying 3am assault. Tensions became high at a drug and drink-fuelled house party in Crosshill and the 27-year-old armed himself with the tool and delivered a devastating attack in the garden. His victim was rushed to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary by ambulance and was only discharged three days later. Campbell will return to Dunfermline Sheriff Court to be sentenced next month. Halloween horror Fiscal depute Douglas Thomson explained the Halloween party was being hosted at a property in Castle Avenue on October 29 2022. He said it was attended by friends and neighbours and both drugs and alcohol were being taken inside. Mr Thomson explained as the night progressed, issues arose between some guests and an argument spilled out into the garden, where two people began fighting. Campbell ran towards one of the brawlers and repeatedly struck him with a shovel. The man fell and was bleeding heavily from his head. Police were called and Campbell left, taking the weapon with him. When officers arrived, the stricken victim had slurred speech and stated he could not see. Police traced Campbell shortly after and found the shovel in a bedroom at his home in Keltyhill Road, Kelty. Campbell’s victim was rushed by ambulance to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. He was found to have an 11cm laceration on his head as well as another 4cm cut. He was treated with staples and surgical sutures. After a review, no neurosurgery was needed. He was discharged on November 2 and did not require any follow-up treatment. Medical notes confirmed the injury was “life-threatening” and “permanent scarring may follow.” Prison warning Campbell pled guilty to assault to severe injury, permanent disfigurement and life endangerment. He was on bail at the time and has been on curfew since first appearing in court for the assault, on October 30. Currently, he is on a community payback order, imposed for another criminal matter which predates the assault. His solicitor Aime Allan asked that bail be continued while social work reports are prepared ahead of sentencing on April 10. Sheriff William Gilchrist said: “In view of the fact that you are presently subject to a community payback order, I will require reports. “You will appreciate that all sentencing options will remain open to the court.” For more local court content visit our dedicated page or join us on Facebook.

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