Donald Trump accused of making ‘violent threats’ with ‘bloodbath’ warning as he’s branded ‘loser

webnexttech | Donald Trump accused of making 'violent threats' with 'bloodbath' warning as he's branded 'loser

A spokesperson for President Joe Biden called former President Donald Trump a “loser” after the businessman said at a rally in Ohio over the weekend that it would be a “bloodbath” if he doesn’t win re-election in November. What the Republican, who has all but assured his party’s nomination for the presidency this year, was likely referring to is his perceived potential for “a major economic disaster” amid the possibility of another four years of Bidenomics. He believes it’s one of the worst policies in American history, constantly slamming the current president for what claims will result in significant economic ramifications. But that definition of “bloodbath” is only the second listed by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, with the first being “a great slaughter.” And that’s what many Americans — save for Trump’s own followers — seem to believe the president meant. READ MORE: Donald Trump chillingly warns of a ‘bloodbath’ in the US if he isn’t elected as president again It’s not a far stretch, either, considering that one of the several criminal indictments the real estate mogul faces relates to his incitement of a riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, all aimed at overthrowing the results of the 2020 presidential election, which saw Biden wrest the Oval Office from him. Americans are scared. As he typically does, Trump opened his rally on Saturday by playing a recording of the national anthem as pictures of those arrested or charged in relation to the violence, which resulted in at least one death, flashed on screens behind him. He promised that, once in office, he would pardon them, calling them “hostages” who were just being patriotic. Then, as he discussed the automotive industry, he stated: “If I don’t get elected, it’s going to be a bloodbath for the whole — that’s going to be the least of it. It’s going to be a bloodbath for the whole country.” It remains unclear what, exactly, he meant. In a fiery message addressing the comment Trump made, Biden campaign spokesperson James Singer stated: “This is who Donald Trump is — a loser who gets beat by over seven million votes and then, instead of appealing to a wider, mainstream audience, doubles down on his threats of political violence.” On Friday, former Vice President Mike Pence, who was Trump’s running mate when he was elected in 2016, broke from his old boss, announcing that he would not be endorsing the former president in 2024, even amid the near certainty that he will become the Republican nominee. Some MAGA supporters at the Capitol called for the former vice president, who is currently serving as a representative in the House of Representatives, to be hanged after he refused to aid Trump’s efforts to overturn the election in his favour. The comments Trump made also came amid a nasty discussion about immigration policy, which he has ragged on Biden for, calling the current president’s policy weak and damaging to the country. Trump harbours an “American First” policy, which he applies to both immigration and industry. In a particularly horrible statement, Trump said of migrants: “In some cases, they’re not people, in my opinion.” It’s not the first time Trump has used incendiary, dehumanising language to describe groups of individuals to bolster his own campaign at their expense. Ultimately, Singer said the “bloodbath” comment is a dire warning to the American people as they determine who they want in office for the next four years. “He wants another Jan. 6, but the American people are going to give him another electoral defeat this November because they continue to reject his extremism, his affection for violence and his thirst for revenge,” he said in a statement.

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