Dancing On Ice star Amber Davies suffers nasty accident as she returns to Pretty Woman tour

webnexttech | Dancing On Ice star Amber Davies suffers nasty accident as she returns to Pretty Woman tour

Amber Davies has revealed she was forced to pull out of a performance of musical Pretty Woman mid-show after sustaining a nasty injury. The actress, 27, who plays lead character Vivian Ward, recently returned to the touring production of the musical adaptation of the 1990 Hollywood film starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, following her stint on ITV’s Dancing On Ice, where she finished in fifth place. Taking to Instagram Stories on Wednesday, she explained that she had accidentally walked into a door and cut her forehead, which resulted in her having to be replaced by her understudy for the rest of the performance. Showing off her injury, she told her 1.3m followers: “Trigger warning if you don’t like blood… Guys, this is for anyone who came to watch Pretty Woman in Milton Keynes this afternoon. I’m so so sorry I had to go off mid-show because I had a little accident in the interval, you couldn’t write it. “I literally just walked into the door. I opened the door with my head down and I was going quite fast and it just hit me right in the head so I had to come off mid-show and I’m not doing tonight either because it is still bleeding a little bit. But hopefully by tomorrow night I’ll be back on with a plaster over it and I can just hide it with some foundation.” Noting the irony of not being injured in the ten weeks that she took part in Dancing On Ice, but suffering badly on the stage, she added: “You couldn’t write it could you. I go on Dancing On Ice for two and a half months, I do the head banger, I do all the lifts, I’m on two blades on the ice and it’s a door that takes me out.” In a follow-up post, Davies expressed her hopes to be back in the show on Friday. She said: “A recovery day. Cuts been cleaned this morning and re dressed by my wonderful GP. Still very much an open cut but hopefully I’ll be back on stage by tomorrow!”

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