BBC The Traitors star Diane Carson explains why she ‘feels amazing’ despite being ‘murdered

webnexttech | BBC The Traitors star Diane Carson explains why she 'feels amazing' despite being 'murdered

The Traitors star Diane Carson broke her silence after being the latest contestant to leave the fan-favourite BBC show.A recent episode of the BBC show confirmed that iconic Diane, 63, had been ‘murdered’ by the Traitors after being given a poisoned chalice.
There was however a twist, as she didn’t leave the castle in Scotland immediately.
It was revealed by host Claudia Winkleman that although one Faithful had been poisoned, their identity would only be confirmed at the end of the latest mission.
It saw the cast participating in a funeral procession on the castle’s estate.
The group were given hints to their identity along the way and would get £7,000 for the prize fund if the majority could figure out who it was.
At the end of the route, the group reached the “final resting place” of the Traitors ‘ victim.
Diane, Evie Morrison and Paul Gorton lay in coffins as the others threw roses in them to exhibit their guesses.
Most of them chose Diane, with it then announced that she had been ‘murdered,’ as the lid of the casket closed on her.
And now, after departing the show, the 63-year-old retired teacher talked about her incredible experience on the series.
Speaking to The Sun, she said: “It just feels amazing that I got this far.
I really thought I was going out after a three-way tie at the round table earlier on in the game.
“I did a lot better than I expected.” Ross – who the group aren’t aware is Diane’s son – said on the show that he expected his mum to be the person to leave.
He said in a confessional: “I had the sinking realisation that it was probably gonna be mum and I had to come to terms with that.
And that’s not easy.” Diane shared that she managed to secretly mouth a farewell to Ross.
He also said: “It was grim.
It was morbid, you know.
You don’t expect to go to funerals in situations like this – let alone your mum’s funeral.
I really hope it’s not her.” Following the news that Diane had been ‘murdered,’ host Claudia asked if anyone had any “final words”.
Ross said within the group: “I think Diane was an incredible player and I think it’s a massive loss, to be honest to the whole team.
We’ll be trying to find the Traitors tonight for sure!” The Traitors airs Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights on BBC One and BBC iPlayer at 9pm.
Previous episodes are available on BBC iPlayer, with the first series and the debut series of theTraitors US also available.
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