BBC reporter peddles Kate Middleton conspiracy theory and fans say ‘hope you lose job

webnexttech | BBC reporter peddles Kate Middleton conspiracy theory and fans say 'hope you lose job

A BBC reporter has been blasted as she peddles an outrageous Kate Middleton conspiracy theory. BBC reporter Sonja McLaughlan has appeared to give credence to a cruel conspiracy theory about Kate, the Princess of Wales. It came hours after a video showed her on a trip with Prince William, who Kate has three children with. McLaughlan said: “It’s so obviously not Kate. Some newspapers are reporting it as fact. But it’s not her. No conspiracy theorist but all very odd.” She questioned why UK newspapers were “reporting this as fact”, and theorised that it “could be a couple of lookalikes making mischief.” But in reply, a Twitter/X user fumed: “Sonja – you’ll have the BBC’s lead disinformation officer investigating you for being a conspiracy theorist.” A second raged: “I do hope you lose your BBC job over this. That’s what you deserve.” They went on to comment in reply saying: “Conspiracy theorists should not be doing the news. Especially not on a public supported station.” Another typed: “WTF.” And a fellow fan said: “I’m bothered that you are perpetuating ridiculous claims. It is Catherine, it is well known that they visit that farm shop. We’ve always been told she will be resuming duties after Easter, that’s only a few weeks away.” It comes after a photograph released by Kensington Palace, showing the Princess of Wales with her children, was last week recalled by five of the world’s biggest picture agencies over fears it had been “manipulated”. The image, taken by the Prince of Wales in Windsor earlier this week, showed the Princess looking happy and healthy after her surgery. The photo was controversially and dramaticallyrecalled by photo agencies. Getty, Associated Press, Agence France-Presse, Shutterstock and Reuters all put out a “kill notice” to halt their distribution of the picture last weekend.

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