BBC Line of Duty star Adrian Dunbar breaks silence over new series and says ‘robbed

webnexttech | BBC Line of Duty star Adrian Dunbar breaks silence over new series and says 'robbed

Adrian Dunbar has thrilled BBC Line of Duty fans with a VERY promising update about a new series on BBC Breakfast.BBC star Adrian appeared on Friday morning for an interview with Naga Munchetty and her co-star Charlie Stayt, which aired from 6am.
Naga said: “I’m just going to ask it.
I think, most of the cast are keen for another one, but you haven’t heard any news?” as Adrian told her: “I mean Vicki texted me yesterday ”I’m about to do loads of press for Trigger Point, but I know the only thing I’ll be asked is are we about to do Line Of Duty again?
“And the answer is we don’t know.
We’d love too, because the last time we did it, it was in lockdown.
And so we couldn’t get out, we couldn’t have fun.
So we were kind of robbed the experience of working together again.” “And so we’d really like to do it again. but you know, at the moment, we don’t know,” the Ted Hastings actor went on.
Charlie then exclaimed: “”He winked at me then… did you wink at me then?” Naga said: “He did wink at you, count yourself lucky.” Charlie said: “It’s been a long time since anyone has winked at me, you in the habit of winking?
Do you wink a lot?” Adrian joked: “I don’t know where this is going…
No I don’t!” Earlier this week, Line of Duty favourite Adrian slammed the ‘strange modern phenomenon’ of people on their phones at the theatre.
“Sometimes it’s people who haven’t been to the theatre before who just don’t get it.
They don’t know about the fourth wall,” Dunbar, who will play Fred Graham in a new adaptation of ‘Kiss me, Kate’ at the Barbican in London this summer, told the Times newspaper.

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