Bahamians told no visa is needed for UK travel

webnexttech | Bahamians told no visa is needed for UK travel

By FAY SIMMONS Tribune Business Reporter [email protected] THE British High Com- mission yesterday advised that Bahamians do not have to fill out Electronic Travel Authorisations (ETAs) to enter the UK contrary to what a widely-circulated video is claiming.Tom Hartley, British High Commissioner to The Bahamas, said the video was not produced by the UK government and he will announce when the coun- try will begin to use ETAs which “may not be until 2025”.
“I am very pleased that The Bahamas continues to be one of the few coun- tries in the world that can travel visa-free to the UK for tourism,” he added.
“This is thanks in part to our long-standing and close relationship.
The intro- duction of the ETA won’t change this, but when it begins I expect it will dra- matically improve the experience of Bahamians at the British border.
“In the meantime, Baha- mians can safely ignore the viral video circulating online – it is not official UK content.
I will be the first to announce the timetable for The Bahamas as soon as it is decided – this may not be until 2025.” The statement said the video was made by Home- lyStay, a company that has no affiliation with the UK government, and that Bahamians should ignore it as there is no date set for The Bahamas to join the programme.
At present, Bahamians can still con- tinue to travel to the UK without a visa.
The High Commis- sion added: “A video has been circulating online announcing the new ETA for the UK.
This has been done by a company called HomelyStay, which has no official connection to the UK government.
“Bahamians should ignore this video.
There has been no date set for The Bahamas to join the ETA scheme, and there is no action required for Baha- mians to take regarding the ETA at this time.
Until a dateisannounced,Bahami- ans tourists can continue to travel visa-free to the UK.
A date will be announced when known.” The UK High Commis- sion explained that the UK will introduce ETAs, which will last for two years and cost $12, to improve the arrival process and reduce passport fraud.
Qatar will be the first country to need ETAs to travel to the UK with Middle Eastern coun- tries such as United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait set to join the scheme next month.
The High Commission said: “In line with other nations such as the US and Australia, the UK has announced it will introduce Electronic Travel Authori- sations (ETAs) for all non-visa countries.
This will cost £10 ($12), be organised fully online via an official UK app, and the authori- sation will last up to two years.

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