Ayodhya Ram mandir inauguration 2 days away, here’s all you need to know about the temple, the preparations

webnexttech | Ayodhya Ram mandir inauguration 2 days away, here’s all you need to know about the temple, the preparations

The Pran Pratishtha of Lord Ram’s idol is set to take place at the in Ayodhya at 12:30 PM on January 22 in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.Extensive preparations are underway for this significant ceremony.
IDOL INSTALLATION: On Thursday at 1:28 pm, the “auspicious” hour designated by the priests, the 51-inch-tall idol of Ram Lalla, intricately sculpted by Arun Yogiraj, was installed in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, amid chanting of hymns.
An eyewitness reported that due to the idol’s substantial weight of 200 kg and the confined space within the sanctum sanctorum, the installation process was carefully overseen by a team of engineers.
The idol underwent the “Jaladhivas” ritual, being draped with a wet cloth, followed by the “Gandhadhivas” ritual, during which it was adorned with a special paste made of Chandan and Kesar.
Meanwhile, as part of the upcoming rituals today, the Ram idol will undergo various “Dhivas,” including being adorned with sugar and flowers sourced from different regions of the country.
Some of these flowers have either arrived or are en route via special flights for a ritual known as “Pushpadhivas.” Another significant aspect of the ceremony involves bathing the idol and purifying the Garbh Grah (sanctum sanctorum) with medicated water collected from various religious sites across the nation, stored in 81 consecrated “Kalash” (urns).
Priests overseeing the rituals have conveyed that the “Snapan” or cleansing process, utilising the medicated water from 81 Kalash, will be an elaborate affair taking approximately three hours.
This specially prepared medicated water comprises extracts from different fruits, “Gau mutra” (cow urine), and other components.
Additionally, water from revered religious places and rivers spanning both India and Nepal has been incorporated into the ritual.
RAM MANDIR STONES: As devotees embark on their sacred pilgrimage to the Ram temple, their attention is also drawn to the activities taking place under a tin shed on the expansive four-acre Ramsevakpuram premises in Ayodhya.
The eight stones beneath the tin shed, sourced from various parts of the country and abroad, hold immense significance for the devotees—almost akin to the revered Ram Lalla idol.
Devotees express their desire to witness and touch these stones, originally intended for the Ram Lalla idol.
Eventually, the 51-inch tall idol, expertly sculpted by Mysuru-based artist Arun Yogiraj, was chosen.
Managed by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), Ramsevakpuram was initially a workshop dedicated to cutting and carving pink sandstones, which were later utilized in the construction of the Ram temple.
Following visits to Ram Janmabhoomi and Hanuman Garhi, devotees now extend their pilgrimage to include Ramsevakpuram in their spiritual journey.
Read a full report by Lalmani Verma here: MEDICAL PREPARATION: The central government has announced strengthened medical facilities in Ayodhya in preparation for the consecration ceremony of the Ram temple, scheduled for January 22.
With a significant influx of devotees expected from January 23 onward, medical facilities have been enhanced, including upgrades to a 120-bed hospital and a 350-bed Rajarshi Dashrath Autonomous State Medical College in Ayodhya.
A team from AIIMS Delhi is training 200 paramedics to handle emergencies, and emergency response teams will be deployed during the ceremony.
Meanwhile, a media centre is being set up at Ram Katha Sangrahalay in Ayodhya where large LED screens will be installed to facilitate the viewing of the telecast.
AYODHYA HELICOPTER SERVICES: The Uttar Pradesh government will start helicopter services to Ayodhya from six districts in the state by the end of this month, Principal Secretary, Tourism, Mukesh Meshram told PTI.
The services will be started from Gorakhpur, Varanasi, Lucknow, Prayagraj, Mathura and Agra.
In addition to this, the state government is also introducing an aerial darshan of Ayodhya and the Ram temple there, Meshram said.
For this, helicopter rides will start from a helipad near the tourism guesthouse along the banks of the Saryu river.
The aerial tour will cover the Ram temple, Hanumangarhi and Saryu ghat among other places and its duration has been fixed for a maximum of 15 minutes, officials said and that the fare would be Rs 3,539 per person.
The helicopter service connecting Gorakhpur to Ayodhya is designed to cover a distance of 126 km in just 40 minutes, with a fixed fare of Rs 11,327 per person, as stated by officials.
For flights originating from Varanasi and Lucknow, the fare will be Rs 14,159 per person for a 55-minute and 45-minute journey, respectively.
From Prayagraj, a 50-minute flight will be charged at Rs 14,159 per person, while the fare for flights from Mathura and Agra will be Rs 35,399 per person for a 135-minute journey, according to the officials.
INSTALLATION OF BIO TOILETS: The Uttar Pradesh government initiated the installation of bio-toilets along the Sarayu River ghats.
This undertaking is part of the ongoing efforts by the UP government to enhance the experience of devotees and tourists in Ayodhya, while simultaneously upholding the city’s cleanliness, Ayodhya Municipal Commissioner and Ayodhya Development Authority Vice Chairman, Vishal Singh told ANI.
“Our emphasis extends to enhancing the user experience with features such as multilingual signage and gender-specific toilets, ensuring accessibility and convenience for all,” he said.
The Ayodhya Municipal Commissioner highlighted that, in alignment with environmental standards, the bio-toilets are constructed according to the Solid Waste Management Rules 2016 as well MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS TO BE PLAYED AT AYODHYA CEREMONY: The consecration ceremony of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya will feature a diverse ensemble of classical instruments representing various regions of India, announced Champat Rai, the general secretary of the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra.
Musicians from different parts of the country have been carefully chosen to perform during the grand event on January 22.
The selected musicians will showcase a variety of traditional Indian musical instruments, known as “vadya yantra,” native to their respective regions.
The lineup includes bansuri and dholak artists from Uttar Pradesh, veena from Karnataka, sundari from Maharashtra, alghoza from Punjab, mardala from Odisha, santoor from Madhya Pradesh, pung from Manipur, nagada and kali from Assam, tamboora from Chhattisgarh, pakhawaj from Bihar, shehani from Delhi, and ravanhatha from Rajasthan.
Additionally, Shrikhol and Sarod artists from West Bengal, Ghatam from Andhra Pradesh, Sitar from Jharkhand, Nadaswarm and mridang from Tamil Nadu, and Hudka from Uttarakhand will also contribute to the musical celebration of the event.
CELEBRATIONS IN USA: Across the United States, hundreds of temples are preparing to celebrate the consecration of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya next week.
Thousands of Indian Americans are expected to participatea series of events beginning this week.
The commencement of the construction of Lord Ram’s temple at Ayodhya Dham, after a wait of 500 years, signifies a momentous occasion of faith and jubilation for Hindus globally, said Kapil Sharma of the Shri Sita Ram Foundation in Texas to PTI.
The foundation is hosting the Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Pran Pratishtha celebration at its temple in Houston.
The celebration will begin the recitation of the Sundarkand and cultural programs featuring dance, singing, and music.
This will be followed by a havan and Lord Ram’s Pattabhishek, culminating in a procession of Lord Ram and prasad (food) distribution.
“We are also honoured to distribute prasad and raj (holy dust) from Ayodhya Dham, which is being flown in especially for our event,” Sharma said.
Meanwhile, Maryland Governor Wes Moore is also scheduled to attend a Ram Mandir celebration event in a suburb of Washington DC on Saturday.
Car rallies are being organised in more than 20 cities across America, with the largest gathering anticipated in the Bay Area, California, where more than 600 cars are expected to participate.
VHP-America has secured outdoor spaces across the country, including cities such as Chicago, Houston, and Los Angeles, to feature the Ram temple consecration ceremony on large billboards.
In addition to this, Sony is commemorating the occasion by presenting Srimad Ramayana in Times Square on January 21.
AYODHYA PREPARATION CHECK BY CM ADITYANATH: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minster Yogi Adityanath reached Ayodhya Friday to review the last minute preparations for the Ram temple consecration ceremony on January 22.
“.A green corridor has also been set up for devotees coming from Lucknow, Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Prayagraj and other cities,” Adityanath said, adding the security has been tightened for the ceremony.
The chief minister further said that the state government had made preparations to assist all devotees visiting Ayodhya for the ‘darshan‘.
The chief minister said lakhs of devotees will arrive in Ayodhya every day after January 22, adding everyone is eager to see Ram Lalla.
“In such a situation, assess the situation for the next six months and prepare an action plan,” he was quoted saying by PTI.
Adityanath stressed the importance of maintaining a clean and orderly environment around Ayodhya Dham Railway Station and Maharishi Valmiki International Airport.
He urged a thorough examination of security measures to address any potential shortcomings, emphasizing the need for coordination with the Railway Protection Force (RPF).
Highlighting the global significance of Ayodhya as a destination, the chief minister underscored that the conduct of the stationed police personnel will significantly impact the state’s image, considering the influx of visitors from around the world.
STATES DECLARING HOLIDAY ON JAN 22: As preparations are underway in Ayodhya for the Ram temple consecration ceremony, government on Thursday announced that all central government offices will remain closed for half a day on January 22 to enable employees to participate in the celebrations.
In UP, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has directed all educational institutes across the state to observe a holiday on January 22.
He also said that sale of liquor would not be allowed across the state on the day.
Meanwhile, the Goa and Haryana governments have also declared a holiday on January 22.
All government offices in Madhya Pradesh will remain closed for half a day, and schools and colleges will have a holiday on January 22 on the occasion of consecration of the Ram temple in Ayodhya, officials said.
Half holiday has been declared for all state government offices and educational institutions across the state of Assam till 2:30 pm on January 22.
Read the full list of states which have declared a holiday on the day of Ram Temple consecration here

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