‘Anyone But You’s Big Sex Scene Finds Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell Steaming Up a Shower

webnexttech | ‘Anyone But You’s Big Sex Scene Finds Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell Steaming Up a Shower

When you watch Anyone But You on Netflix this weekend, we know you’re watching because you want to see comedy, romance, and yeah, sex. There’s no shame in it! It’s a raunchy rom-com starring hot people. There’s going to be sex. It’s part of the cinematic journey. That said, though the movie is rated R, the Anyone But You sex scene is more PG-13. But that doesn’t mean it’s not still hot. This is Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell, after all. How could any sex scene with them not be hot? Directed by Will Gluck, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Ilana Wolpert, Anyone But You is a modern-day adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. Sweeney stars as Bea, a law student who goes on an amazing first date with a finance bro, Ben (Powell). But the next morning, Bea sneaks out, changes her mind, comes back… and overhears Ben shit-talking her to his roommate. Years later, both Bea and Ben are in the wedding party for Bea’s sister. They insist that they hate each other. But it’s a fine line between hate and love. After Bea and Ben are rescued from the shark-infested waters of Sydney Harbor (long story!), the needle tips toward the side of “love.” It’s late at night, and Bea and Ben just went through a traumatic experience together. They are still wearing their now-ruined formal attire, and still looking damn good. Like magnets, they fall into each other’s arms. Ben pins Bea to the cupboards with a searing kiss… and then they take their make-out session into the shower. But here’s the kicker: They don’t take off their clothes when they get in the shower! Or at least, not at first. Powell takes off his pants, to be fair, but otherwise, they just step right under that water, fully-clothed. I know the dress probably got ruined in the sea, but still! It looks expensive! That said, it does make for a very steamy, sensual, and cinematic moment when Powell peels off Sweeney’s sopping wet dress one strap at a time. The clever camera work and carefully placed arms keep you from seeing too much. It’s mostly Powell’s glistening chest, Sweeney’s side-boob, and a peak at Sweeney’s thong. But yeah, there is a moment where you do, very briefly, see Sweeney’s nipple. We’ll let you find that shot on your own. It’s all very sexy and hot. But Gluck cuts to Bea and Ben in bed, and it becomes less steamy and more heart-wrenchingly romantic. The two lovebirds (now finally sans clothing), smile, laugh, and kiss. It may be corny, but it’s also beautiful. They’re so happy! This is the highlight reel they’d play in a flashback if one of them died tragically. And Gluck keeps his camerawork classy. It’s all close-up of skin and strategically-placed limbs to keep the R-rated nudity to a minimum. Honestly? It’s adorable. Yes, these are two hot people having sex, but more importantly, they’re in love. Just look at their faces! The Anyone But You sex scene may not be as explicit as some viewers might expect, but no one can accuse this scene of skimping on the romance. And at the end of the day, love trumps all—even sex. (But the sex is good, too.) That said, if you want to see a little less romance and little more sex, you may want to check Sweeney’s erotic thriller on Amazon, The Voyeurs. Just saying!

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