Andhra Pradesh Voter Count Surges to 4.09 Crore for Upcoming Lok Sabha and Assembly Elections

webnexttech | Andhra Pradesh Voter Count Surges to 4.09 Crore for Upcoming Lok Sabha and Assembly Elections

In preparation for the upcoming Lok Sabha and legislative assembly elections, Andhra Pradesh has witnessed a steady increase in its voter base. As of March 16, the total number of voters in the state stands at 4.09 crore, marking a rise from the 4.07 crore recorded on January 22, according to state Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Mukesh Kumar Meena.Voter DemographicsThe electorate comprises two crore male voters, 2.08 crore female voters, and 3,346 third-gender voters. Andhra Pradesh is set to hold simultaneous legislative assembly and general elections on May 13.Polling Stations and AccessibilityCEO Meena announced that data on polling stations in the state will be submitted to the Election Commission. Currently, there are 46,165 polling stations in Andhra Pradesh. To ensure inclusivity and accessibility, the state plans to establish 179 women-managed and 50 youth election officers-managed polling stations. Additionally, some polling stations will be managed by specially-abled personnel.Reserved ConstituenciesOut of the 25 Lok Sabha constituencies in Andhra Pradesh, four are reserved for Scheduled Castes (SC) and one for Scheduled Tribes (ST). Similarly, 29 assembly constituencies are reserved for SC and seven for ST.Voter Information and AssistanceTo facilitate smooth voting, Electoral Photo Identity Cards (EPIC) will be distributed by the end of March, while voter information slips will be provided five days before the polls. Braille voter information slips will be distributed to assist visually-impaired voters.Security and Accessibility MeasuresTo ensure election security, 100 companies of the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) have been allotted to Andhra Pradesh to supplement the local police force. Special arrangements will be made for senior citizens and specially-abled voters to enable them to conveniently exercise their franchise.With the Lok Sabha and legislative assembly elections approaching, Andhra Pradesh is taking proactive measures to ensure a smooth and inclusive electoral process. The states efforts to increase voter turnout, enhance accessibility, and maintain security demonstrate its commitment to democratic participation.

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