A Guide On Renting Out a Car For A Road Trip Around Finland

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Renting a car in Finland is a better option when you want to visit some parts of the country and have a more personalized experience. Furthermore, hiring a car for your trip helps you enjoy travelling with high levels of flexibility. Are you planning to rent out a car in Finland? If yes, there are various things you must understand. Here, we provide an in-depth guide on the steps to follow when renting a car. Benefits of renting a car in Finland You can use various options when touring Finland, such as buses, trains, and planes. However, many people prefer the car renting option due to its multiple benefits, including: Finland is an expansive country: The country covers a large land size, spanning 338,145 square kilometres. Due to its large size, hiring a car to tour around is advisable as the option comes with much flexibility. Some destinations are inaccessible by public transport: While public transport can help you move around the country, there are places you can only reach by car. So, the vehicle renting choice comes in handy. Flexibility: Hiring a car allows you to tour various destinations without following rigid schedules by public transport. It offers you a high level of autonomy, allowing you to determine the places to visit first. Things to know when renting out a car in Finland Before renting a car in Finland, knowing what’s expected of you is essential. Here are the things you must understand before renting a car in Finland: Have a driver’s license Car renting companies require you to have a valid driver’s license that is over one year old. The type of driving license you need depends on where you come from. While citizens from the European Economic Area can use a standard driving license, those from outside require an international driver’s card. Payment method Car renting companies accept payment by credit/debit cards. This means that before you start the renting process, your card has to have sufficient funds. Know the car renting companies There are many car renting companies in Finland, and users must do background research to understand their requirements. Conducting research helps you select a company whose terms and conditions align with your requirements. Some famous car-renting brands in Finland include Green Motion, Hertz, and Avis. These companies buy their spare parts from companies like Ovoko and ensure that their vehicles are always in good condition. Know the minimum age limit People wanting to rent a car in Finland must be at least 19 years old. Companies, however, have their restrictions when it comes to renting age. For example, some companies require their potential customers to be over 20 before hiring their cars. Yet, others require that you pay a surcharge amount if you’re under 25. Car renting in winter The wintry period can be cold in Finland. Travellers must brace themselves for snowy roads. In this connection, Finland regulations require the rental car to have winter tyres. So, before you take the vehicle, ensure it’s well-equipped to overcome the driving challenges of winter. What type of car do you need? Finland’s terrain is mostly flat. However, travellers to the northern part of the country will encounter Nordic mountains. Thus, you can choose an affordable car if you’re travelling on flat highways. On the other hand, if you want to venture into the mountainous areas, then a 4×4 rental is your ideal choice. Understand the mileage and fuel policies Car rental companies have different mileage and fuel policies. It’s wise to check these rules before reserving the car. You need to choose a company that provides unlimited mileage to allow you to travel extensively without worrying about the distance you go. Also, before signing the contract, you must check the company’s fuel policy. Many customers find the ‘full to full’ policy favourable. Conclusion The car renting choice allows you to travel with high flexibility and convenience. Finland has multiple companies offering car rental services. Before you pick a company, you need to understand the basics to make the right choice. There are many things to know, including the driving age limit, type of car to rent, and driving license requirement. This guide dives deep into various requirements before renting a car in Finland.

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