2 ‘labour ministry officials’ con Jaipur woman promising scholarship money for children, held in Faridabad

webnexttech | 2 ‘labour ministry officials’ con Jaipur woman promising scholarship money for children, held in Faridabad

Two men posing as union ministry officials have conned a Jaipur woman promising scholarship money for her children, police said, adding that they have seized six mobile phones from the scamsters who were arrested by the Faridabad police on Sunday. The accused, identified as Sonu and Narendra, residents of Rajasthan’s Deeg, contacted the woman identifying themselves as officials from the Ministry of Labour and Employment and claimed that her children had been awarded a scholarship of ₹130,000, said the police, detailing on how they lured the woman. “To process the scholarship, some documents and processing fees were required, amounting to ₹20,000. The suspects sent a QR code to the victim, through which the woman transferred a total of ₹22,000 in 11 transactions,” said Faridabad police spokesperson Sube Singh. He said that the cyber criminals were traced through the Ministry of Home Affairs’ portal, Pratibimb. A Faridabad officer saw a message on the app, which located the geographical location of the suspects, and found that the accused were currently in Faridabad. The Rajasthan Police were informed and the two suspects were handed over to them after arrest. Singh mentioned that the Ministry of Home Affairs has initiated the Pratibimb portal to combat cyber criminals. Through this portal, the police keep an eye on cyber fraudsters and suspects. If any cyber fraud is being committed in any area, information about it is provided to the cyber team through this portal. Information about the victim is also available on this portal. The duo were arrested at Krishna Colony. Sonu is a Class 12 pass, while Narendra is in the final year. During interrogation, it was revealed that they had committed six incidents of fraud in Rajasthan. Based on the woman’s complaint, a case of cyber fraud has been registered at Sanjay Circle Police Station in Jaipur.

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