14 Must-Have Book Series That Will Keep Your Kids Busy for the Holiday Break

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14 Must-Have Book Series That Will Keep Your Kids Busy for the Holiday Break HomeLifestyle14 Must-Have Book Series That Will Keep Your Kids Busy for the Holiday Break 14 Must-Have Book Series That Will Keep Your Kids Busy for the Holiday Break With holidays here, these book series will help children to expand their imagination Sapna SarfareUpdated: Sunday, March 24, 2024, 12:12 PM IST Holiday times are here for the kids. It means time to relax and enjoy every moment doing things they like. For those kids who are complete bookworms, it means grabbing the tomes lying at the back of the bookcase waiting to be picked up. What if we tell you that there are book series perfect for your kids to spend time reading and enjoying? Here is a list of some great book series that you should give your kids this holiday season. Little House series This classic series written by Laura Ingalls Wilder revolves around her childhood and growing up years in the American Midwest. It is based between 1870 and 1894. There are eight books and the series is commonly known by the name of the third book – Little House on the Prairie. Children will love the simple language and description of a life that is so different from theirs. The young readers get introduced to the American Frontier and life in these harsh conditions. There is also a ninth book on her life with her husband and daughter. The Penderwicks Another series that might find appreciation amongst the younger readers would be The Penderwicks series by Jeanne Birdsall. You can call this a fun and entertaining series about the Penderwicks family consisting of the father and four daughters who each have a personality of their own. Wherever they go or whatever they do, it only means an adventure waiting for them around the corner. As of now, three books are out of Act One. All three can charm the young reader. The Spiderwick Chronicles If the kids have enjoyed the movie by the same name, this children’s fantasy by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black is a must-buy for holidays. The story revolves around the Grace children, Mallory and her younger brothers, twins Simon and Jared. They shift to the Spiderwick Estates and stumble upon the fairy world. The adventures that follow make up the books. These include The Field Guide, The Seeing Stone, Lucinda’s Secret, The Ironwood Tree, and The Wrath of Mulgarath. There are even companion books and a second series that have followed. Greystone Secrets This three-book series by Margaret Peterson Haddix is a perfect reading option for your thrill-loving child. The three Greystone kids live the perfect life, but things go awry when kids resembling them in many ways get kidnapped and then their mother disappears. The danger is lurking around the corner. And they have many things to resolve. The books – The Strangers, The Deceivers and The Messengers – will keep the young reader hooked. The Boxcar Children Gertrude Chandler Warner came out with a classic book series that enthralled readers young and old and even had a film made on it. The original story is about the four Alden children who make an old abandoned boxcar into their home. How they live henceforth is the main story. The subsequent books involve the children getting into adventures and mysteries, apart from travelling to places and having fun. The series has an old-world charm that will keep the readers hooked. The Complete Chicken Squad Misadventures A fun series written by Doreen Cronin, this story is all about the adventures of four unique chickens – Dick, Sugar, Sweetie and Poppy who live on a farm. This chicken squad solves crimes while living in the barnyard. Their adventures include going on a UFO, travelling into the wild, digging up a dinosaur and much more. This six-book series is an engaging write filled with excitement. The Wollstonecraft Detective Agency This series is a mix of history, science and a whole lot of mystery. Lady Ada Brown is a young science genius who becomes a friend of Mary Godwin, a young girl full of adventure. They form the Wollstonecraft Detective Agency, a covert constabulary and ensure they stop criminals in their tracks. Written by Kelly Murphy and Jordan Stanford, the series has everything to keep the child engaged – puzzles, games and fun. Read Also From Almond To Silky, How New-Age Moms Are Changing The Definition Of Motherhood List of popular series that are a must-read The Three Investigators: Meet Jupiter Jones, Bob Andrews and Peter Crenshaw from Rocky Beach solve strange mysteries despite their age acting against them. Feluda: Satyajit Ray’s young detective solves crime with cousin Topshe and writer Lalmohan Ganguly, aka, Jatayu. Goosebumps Stories: RL Stine’s horror stories are scary tales perfect for young readers. The Mysterious Benedict Society: This book series by Trenton Lee is full of fun and whimsical characters and has four kids hired to stop Mr Curtain. A Series of Unfortunate Events: Lemony Snicket’s classic series around the orphans (Violet, Klaus and Sunny) escaping the villainous Count Olaf is legendary. The Chronicles of Narnia: CS Lewis takes the young reader on an adventure in the mythical world of Narnia where you meet talking lions amongst other creatures and adventures. Anne of Green Gables: This classic by L.M. Montgomery is about young Anne who goes to Avonlea to meet the Cuthberts who are expecting a boy. Read how she wins their hearts. 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