10 More Amazing Sci-Fi Shows to Watch on Amazon Prime

webnexttech | 10 More Amazing Sci-Fi Shows to Watch on Amazon Prime

This week brought the news that all four seasons, plus the miniseries and the made-for-TV movie, of the Battlestar Galactica revival are now easily accessible on Amazon Prime. That addition means the streamer—which is already an excellent destination for sci-fi films—has even more reason to lure in fans of deep-space shenanigans, wasteland adventures, and alien encounters. Once you re-watch Battlestar (here’s the link), here are 10 more sci-fi series to check out with your Amazon Prime account. Fallout Fallout raked in huge ratings for the streamer and is still going strong a month after its release—so there’s a good chance most sci-fi fans have already binged it. If you haven’t, it’s high time to rustle up your best retro-chic, post-apocalyptic outlaw gear and watch for falling nukes. Watch on Prime Video. The Expanse In our imaginations, The Expanse made it to nine seasons just like the novel series did. In reality, one of the best sci-fi shows ever—which started off on Syfy and then was saved from a prematurely abrupt end by Prime Video—ended after its sixth season. It’s worth the ride every time, no matter what. Watch on Prime Video. Fringe J.J. Abrams co-created this cult-beloved series starring Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, and John Noble (plus a recurring character played by Leonard Nimoy) that riffs on The Twilight Zone, The X-Files, and Abrams’ own Lost. Watch on Freevee. Outer Range Season two arrives May 16, so the timing could not be better to binge the first season of Josh Brolin’s wonderfully strange sci-fi Western about a rancher who discovers a cosmically mysterious hole in his pasture. Watch on Prime Video. Star Trek: The Original Series All three seasons of the remastered original series are streaming on Prime Video, for any time you feel the urge to climb aboard the USS Enterprise and boldly go with OG Kirk, Spock, and the rest of the gang. The Peripheral We’re still bummed that a second season of this William Gibson adaptation was announced, then scrapped—but if you don’t mind a cliffhanger-y season finale that will forever dangle, the first and only season (created by the folks behind Fallout and Westworld) offers intriguing cyber-mysteries galore. Watch on Prime Video. Firefly Joss Whedon’s reputation has tarnished, but his charming, Western-tinged space adventure series, which sadly ran for just one season, remains as delightful as ever. Rent or buy on Prime Video. Farscape Another cult-favorite sci-fi series, this Australian-American co-production ran for four seasons starting in 1999 and features aliens crafted by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. Watch on Freevee. The Man in the High Castle Ridley Scott was among the producers of this Philip K. Dick alt-history adaptation—imagining what the world would be like, had the Axis powers won World War II. It ran for four seasons and racked up critical acclaim. Watch on Prime Video. The Twilight Zone The original Twilight Zone, created by Rod Serling, has remained highly influential in the decades since its initial airing from 1959-1964—and is still startling and scary even today. Watch on Freevee.

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