Agricultural reforms will bring rapid national economic development

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Agricultural reforms will bring rapid national economic development NAY PYI TAW May 10 As agricultural reforms will bring rapid national economic development, discussions should be centred on national economic growth through agropower improvement, said Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at the meeting to promote agro power held at Nawaratt hall of Agricultural Research Department in Zeyathiri Township, Nay Pyi Taw Council Area this afternoon.Also present were SAC member Deputy Prime Minister Union Minister Admiral Tin Aung San, union ministers U Min Naung, U Hla Moe, U Thaung Han and U Myo Myint Oo, the Nay Pyi Taw Council chair, deputy ministers, permanent secretaries, directors general and officials.
Chief ministers of regions and states took part in the meeting through Video Conferencing.
Frank discussions about development of agricultural sector invited In his address, the Senior General invited comprehensive discussions on agroevelopment.
He said participants of the meeting are experts in their respective fields.
As the agriculture sector plays a vital role for national economic development its development must be prioritized.
Agriculture development will bring significant changes and progress in rural life Farming is the main production industry of the country.
GDP has three contributors – agriculture sector, industrial sector and the services sector.
Agriculture sector has an agro based industrial sector, followed by production, services and trade businesses.
About 70 percent of the country’s population is rural people who are involved in farming related production, industries and other businesses.
The 2019 census showed that nearly 45 percent were engaged in farmingelated businesses.
Hence, development of the farming sector will bring about significant rural development.
Mixed cropping will increase national income a lot Mostly the country grows rice, edible oil crops, beans, cotton, sugarcane, corn, kitchen crops, tea, and industrial crops, rubber, coffee and palm oil.
The volume of sown acreage is high as other types of farmland and garden crops are included in it.
The country has 15 million acres of land for monsoon paddy.
In 2022, the country put 14.9 million acres under monsoon paddy.
The country has two different types of farmland and it cultivated 13.175 million acres on the type of farmland called le and 600,000 areas on another type of farmland called yar.
The country also cultivated rice on nearly 190,000 acres of mountain farmland.
The country can boost its multiple cropping power by growing other crops during the monsoon paddy season.
In this year, summer paddy is grown on 1.8 million acres of monsoon paddy fields.
Of the sown acreage of 13.175 million acres, 7.473 million acres were put under multiple crops.
So, 5.73 million acres were put under single paddy cropping.
In all regions and states nearly 5.7 million acres were left vacant during the other seasons.
Average per acre yield of monsoon paddy during the previous year was 72.64 baskets.
If rice could be planted on 4 million acres of the vacant land at an average per acre yield rate of 72.64 baskets, they would produce 289.54 million baskets.
If sold at a per basket price of Ks-10,000, they would roughly fetch Ks-2,900 billion and would contribute to national economic growth.
Income increase in the agriculture sector will also increase demand and supply and it will benefit the nation.
Hence, arrangements should be made to grow rice twice on said vacant rice fields.
Likewise, if oil crops and other crops can be grown on 4 million acres of land where any crops are not cultivated, it can be beneficial similar to paddy.
As the country import cooking oil yearly, it spends foreign exchange.
If local oilrequirements can be fulfilled, it will be sufficient for local oil consumption.
Then, surplus oil will come out.
Development of agricultural sector will contribute to increase of State GDP rate.
Efforts must be made for increase of cotton cultivation to ensure clothing sufficiency There were 450,000 acres of cotton in Myanmar in 2022 compared with more than 800,000 acres in 2011.
In order to raise cultivation of cotton, the government is encouraging it.
Previous sown acreage of cotton can help the State produce adequate threads.
Moreover, the government is striving for cultivation and production of quality cotton plants.
It is necessary to boom cultivation of paddy in order to ensure clothing sufficiency of the people.
After that, it is necessary to establish factories to produce threads and textile.
If so, import of textile can bereduced.
Meeting the target of local oil sufficiency The country grows 3 million acres of groundnut, 1 million acres of sunflower and 3.5 mill ion acres of sesame.
Of them, groundnut only meets the target production.
If groundnut, sesame and nigre can be cultivated on the existing sown acreage systematically to meet the target, 1.369 million tons of oil can be produced.
If these crops cultivation meets the target, oil sufficiency will exceed 200 percent without palm oil.
Hence, an emphasis must be placed on cultivation of oil crops and increase of peracre yield.
It is necessary to supply healthy oil to the consumer people.
If cultivation of paddy and oil crops meets the target, it will be the best step for the State.
With regard to the cultivation of beans, coffee and maize in addition to pigeon pea, black bean, green gram and pulses and beans are marketable across the world.
Myanmar’s coffee is also marketable, so efforts must be made for successful cultivation of coffee.
Likewise, Myanmar’s maize grasps foreign market share, so it is necessary to raise the peracre yield of the crops.
It is necessary to seek the best ways and means for successful cultivation of crops.
Needs of supplying sufficient agricultural water In order to have success in agricultural tasks, it needs to emphasize quality strains of crops, fertile soil, water and agricultural techniques.
Of them, sufficient supply of agricultural water is crucial.
If cultivation can be done with the sufficient water, crops will thrive.
It is necessary to emphasize proper fertile soil.
The government needs to supply sufficient agricultural water to the farmlands.
As Myanmar is endowed with Ayeyawady, Chindwin, Thanlwin and Sittoung rivers as main arteries in addition to other rivers and creeks, if river water can be efficiently utilized without waste through various ways and means, it will meet the demand of agricultural water of farmlands.
Officials need to submit reports on potentials for benefits of the country in the future.
It is necessary to encourage successful production of paddy so as to boom the State economy.
As some regions do not have sufficient water for cultivation, agricultural tasks cannot be done.
If agricultural water can be supplied sufficient to these areas, agricultural tasks will have greater achievement.
Farmlands near Ayeyawady River can be irrigated through river water pumping stations.
In this regard, electric river water pumping stations can be operated.
It can be seen that some rivers can be built at low head dams.
Priority must be given to supply water to the areas of the research regions.
In so doing, dual sluice gates must be implemented.
It shows the dam can be used in transport and generating electricity.
Moreover, river water pumping projects can be implemented.
There are many sites along Ayeyawady River where the aforesaid projects should be implemented.
If so, agricultural tasks can be done successfully in all seasons.
The Senior General stressed the need to educate the students at schools not to waste water.
The educative measures must comprise showers and dropping systems to supply water to the agricultural tasks.
Hence, agriculturists need to educate the people to have efficient utilization of water.
If agricultural tasks can be reformed, the Senior General expressed his firm belief that the State economy will skyrocket.
Hence, the Senior General urged all to primarily discuss booming the State economy through enhance of agricultural capacity.
Respective sectors discussed SAC member Deputy Prime Minister Union Minister Admiral Tin Aung San explained projects to acquire enough irrigation water for promoting cultivation capacity.
Union Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation U Min Naung explained cultivation and production of crops in 2022-2023 FY and projects for 2023-2024 FY and efforts to promote cultivation capacity.
Union Ministers U Hla Moe, U Thaung Han and U Myo Myint explained availability of good strains, irrigation water, technology and marketing for rural development and rural people’s socioeconomic progress, assistance for agricultural boosting, distribution of electricity for irrigation water, production and distribution of fertilizers and continued production.
The Nay Pyi Taw Council chairman and region/state chief ministers reported on efforts for cultivation capacity promotion and continued efforts to ensure regional food security and agricultural development.
Officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation and the Ministry of Cooperatives and Rural Development reported on research on oil palm and rubber cultivation, construction of temporary diversion weirs and reservoirs as less water enters the existing dams due to climate change, measures to mobilize cooperation of local people and farmers, efforts to minimize loss and waste of water, agricultural research, collection of agricultural data, agricultural mechanization process, efforts for human resource development for agricultural boosting and participation of local farmers in the efforts for double cropping.
Necessary guidance after reports The Senior General said agricultural activities require human resources and agricultural mechanization.
Likewise, land acreage extension is necessary for agricultural development.
By doing so, there will be high yields in crops.
Modern machinery will facilitate cultivation and harvesting and help reduce loss and wastage.
Construction of manufacturing roads can transport agricultural products more quickly.
Rather than extended acreage, peracre high yield will produce more benefits.
There should be a precise policy on tapping underground water for enough irrigation water.
Successful crops need biofertilizer or chemical fertilizer.
Regionally produced fertilizers should be reprocessed.
Being the capital of the country, Nay Pyi Taw must try to become a role model among other regions and states.
For cultivation capacity, it is necessary to grow two or three crops every year and ensure that there is no less cultivation acreage.
Crops suitable to one’s own region’s geographical conditions need to be grown.Responsible officials need to supervise to ensure that Taninthayi Region grows oil palm fully in the target acreage.
Durian cultivation should be more successful, and coco and coconut cultivation must also be thriving.
Seasonal crops and fruits will enable the local farmers to earn more income.
So they need to make a greater effort in their work.
The State will be implementing riverwater pumping projects for enough irrigation water.
The respective regions themselves also need to try it.
Efforts are necessary for greater success in rubber growing, and valueadded products should be manufactured.
Correct methods and education are required in a high yield of rubber.
Cultivation of oil palm also requires good strains and correct cultivation methods.
It needs to be the minimum requirement for agricultural water.
Regarding water supply, it is necessary to minimize wastage.
It is needed the water supply system and water distribution system to be carried out in an orderly manner and used the water effectively.
In the development of agricultural industries, research activities should be carried out by the state, and the private sector should also carry out some activities.
Crops suitable for the region need to be researched as a priority for the crops that will bring major benefits to the country.
Just as we need to preserve our country’s breeds such as Paw Sam Hmwe rice, we need to carry out research to increase the yield and improve the quality.
About the flowers, Maymyo flowers, dahlia flowers and other flowers produced in the country also need to be researched and maintained for development.
It is necessary to ensure that the lists of cultivated land and cultivated crops are accurate.
In our country, we have to plan to have enough agricultural land for 100 million people, so we need to take strict action to ensure that agricultural land is not used in other ways.
The machinery needed to implement the mechanized farming system needs to be produced and used locally.
It is necessary to think longterm about using machines that can be used with electric power, just as there are machines that use gasoline.
As there is a need for human resources for agricultural industries, the opening of agricultural and livestock high schools has been implemented.
Through this, those who excel will be able to continue higher education according to their respective subjects.
We need to take action to train teachers required for those schools.
Outstanding people should also be rewarded, said the Senior General.
After that, the Senior General said in his closing speech that Union Ministers, he thanked to the regional and state chief ministers and the attendees for the comprehensive and clear discussion.
In order to promote the national economy, the development of the agricultural sector must be emphasized.
Manufacturing activities are needed to carry out business activities.
In order to be able to produce more agricultural products, it is necessary to promote the production and increase the productivity.
Not only producing farming and oil crops, but also producing vegetables will bring more income to the country.
Therefore, officials need to consider and act from various fields.
Regarding research activities, it is necessary to encourage research activities for the national interest.
It was found that our people have little knowledge about agriculture and breeding activities.
As those who carry out educational activities, we need to be able to educate people in terms that people can understand rather than writing and broadcasting in a scholarly manner.
Crop yields will improve only when seeds, land, water and methods which are needed for agricultural activities, are fully implemented.
Land improvement work is important for agriculture.
We need to make temporary dams to block the water flowing in the creeks and canals and use it for agricultural activities.
In order to make the correct planting method, the distance between rows and columns is needed to be corrected.
When planting crops, the yield will be good only if the planting methods are correct.
Only then we will be able to enjoy the benefits.
By following these four points, we will be able to contribute to the promotion of agricultural power for the promotion of the national economy.
It is necessary to produce quality products in the manufacturing process.
Our country, which has good irrigated land, will be able to successfully carry out agricultural activities.
By being able to produce more agricultural products than before, we will be able to export more goods to foreign countries, foreign income will increase, and the national economy will improve further, the Senior General said.
After that, the Senior General and those who attended the meeting, inspected rice, beans and pulses, corn, sunflower, oil crops, kitchen crops and multiflower honeys, researched and produced by the Yezin Agricultural Research Department, which are displayed in the hall.
It is reported that the Chairman of the SAC has given the necessary instructions based on the reports of the officials.

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