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Affiliations in NBA 2K23 serve as guild-like organizations that athletes can join for unique items and rewards, and if players wish to change their Affiliation, the option is available for free during the first week of the Season.However, those who want to change after the first week will receive a penalty to their account.
While this limitation in NBA 2K23 is far from substantial, it is in place to keep players from switching clans whenever they please.
After all, the point of Affiliations is to establish a social community where players possess their own special identity.
Nevertheless, the time may come when a player wishes to change their Affiliation in NBA 2K23 for various reasons.
Perhaps an individual’s friend is part of another clan, or the player grows to dislike the aesthetic and style of their initial group.
Whatever the case, the game offers the opportunity for any athlete to easily transfer their Affiliation status whenever they please.
Related: How to Level Up Fast in NBA 2K23 According to YouTube content creator RDK, NBA 2K23 fans can change their Affiliation by visiting the Affiliation Transfer post available within every single guild.
However, bear in mind that the transfer can only take place at an Affiliation that the player athlete in NBA 2K23 is currently not a member of.
For example, if Athlete A wishes to change from the Vipers to the Beasts, they will need to leave their Affiliation’s hub, travel to the location of the Beasts, and interact with the Affiliation Transfer.
Attempting to use the Affiliation Transfer within the Vipers HQ will not work.
Transferring Affiliations In NBA 2K23 Conveniently, NBA 2K23 athletes do not need to visit every Affiliation they wish to change to.
Instead, they can transfer their membership as long as they are not using the Transfer post of their own group.
Nevertheless, players will still need to physically leave and travel across the city to a different Affiliation.
For reference, here is an index of every Affiliation in NBA 2K23, including the Fast Travel Point that players can use to ride the Subway: Of course, fans are also free to manually walk or ride through the city for extra immersion, but this process will take notably more time than using the city’s Subway system.
After arrival, scan the surrounding area for a small banner with the words “Transfer Here.” This banner serves as the Affiliation Transfer post in NBA 2K23.
Source: RDK

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