An intriguing approach of Idea Clan’s Founder, Rohit Ajmani, towards AWE Barcelona 2022

webnexttech | An intriguing approach of Idea Clan’s Founder, Rohit Ajmani, towards AWE Barcelona 2022

Idea Clan, one of the leading Affiliate companies, attended the Affiliate World Europe in Barcelona, organized on the 6th and 7th of July, 2022 at the Fira de Barcelona.Over the last decade, Clan has traveled & attended several affiliate events globally.
Recently they attended one of the most talked about events- AWE 2022.
This year AWE welcomed more than 4,000 affiliate marketers, 200 exhibitors, and 150 affiliates.
AWE Summit is a global platform for affiliates to learn how to develop new insights, data-driven strategies, and innovative ideas on affiliate and e-commerce marketing, and drive digital transformation using AI.
AW opens new doors to global opportunities for businesses to expand their networks and develop their business relationships with leading professionals in the affiliate industry.
This summit created a buzz when it was surrounded by goal-oriented and innovative business leaders, including founders of Idea Clan, Mr.
Rohit Ajmani, and Mr.
Sahil Walia.
They attended and shared great ideas to build better connections to accelerate the company’s growth.
They also gave an overview of how to create a great networking opportunity that helps affiliates figure out different stages for achieving successful results.
Let’s hear from our directors about their whole Affiliate World Summit experience.
How was Affiliate Barcelona any different from other affiliate summits?
When you attend an AWE, you hear from the advertisers of the European market, where there are more affiliates than people from the other ad-tech industries.
It was more of a niche conference relevant to the affiliate marketing industry that made the difference.
Most of the attendees, booths, and sessions were all highly relevant to affiliate marketing; instead of tech and ad tech.
It was a core and focused affiliate marketing-related conference.
How is Martech playing an important role in the digital media industry?
Martech revolves around automation for marketing and creating rules and technology-driven decisions while doing performance marketing.
This helps in a place where you make hundreds and thousands of decisions.
It’s always better than humans as it is performance-driven, automated, works 24/7, makes its own decisions, and is AI-based.
Based on the previous decisions, it decides what to do and what not to do.
Whether to scale or pause an ad campaign automatically, one doesn’t need to sit on top of all campaigns.
It’s extremely economical and time-saving.
What is that one thing said by the speaker that motivated you?
Most of the speakers were from US and European countries.
The most fascinating thing that motivated us was that when a very small team of 10-15 people can achieve good big numbers and ROIs; Idea Clan, a team of 100+ members, can achieve more significant numbers as it holds the potential to set a bigger bench to march in the industry.
We took tips & tricks to shoot bigger targets & good statistics using the given resources.
What did you gain from this Affiliate conference?
Our core purpose to attend this conference was to build & strengthen our business network and meet the industry OG’s.
Since it’s a relationship-building exercise, we opened doors for many business opportunities in the industry.
We came across new tools in the market, and strategies that other social media buyers are looking forward to.
We got a clear vision for new market insights, trending tactics, and how to roll out offers during different quarters.
It was so easy to gain all of these under one umbrella by attending this niche affiliate conference.
Were you a part of any mastermind sessions?
If yes, then what are your views?
Yes, we attended the mastermind sessions and got to know a few secret ingredients that help affiliates grow and scale their business.
Also, we shared our expertise in lead gen with other affiliates, including how we advertise, scale, brainstorm, understand, and develop new relationships.
What was the fun element of this Barcelona business trip?
We met a lot of fun people in the industry, went to a bunch of after-parties in clubs, had delicious food in fancy restaurants, and explored beaches with them, as Barcelona is a beautiful city.
Subsequently, we flew to Europe, adding more fun to this business trip.
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